Vitamix Blender A3500 Review: Is it Worth the Price?

If you are looking for a blender that isn’t the Vitamix 750 but that has everything you could ever imagine and even more, then Vitamix A3500 is the one for you. The manufacturer has come up with features that have never been seen before in a blender and put those in this revolutionized elegant blender.

One of its many features includes its program settings. They are five in number, and they include cold-ice desserts, soups, dips and spreads, smoothies. Its versatility alone draws in any prospective buyer as one can make a range of recipes that have different ingredients and still be able to reap maximum nutritional benefits.

For instance, while blending different whole fruits even after mixing, the fibres are retained in the smoothie. Besides the fruits, you can also blend things such as nuts to make very smooth and delicious peanut butter hence saving you the money that you would have used to buy a jar of inorganic peanut butter. This Vitamix can help you knead the dough for both bread and pizza.

It uses the self-detect technology, which means that the blender through the motor base can easily detect the type and size of the container you have put in the blender.

It can match these with the timing it needs to get the maximum time it needs to get to the texture it is required and needed. The bright side of this technology is that its blender will not turn on if the lid hasn’t been adequately secured.

The pulse and the variable speed control work together to enable the user to attain various perfect textures of your recipe or smoothie. One should note that if the speed setting is high, the power achieved by the pulse will be large.

If you pay in its fast speed and high quality, stainless steel, laser-cut sharp blades, the blender can create sufficient friction to transform raw tomatoes into very hot soups in a very short time.

The digital knob has a speed setting that can be reset to one after blending has stopped. This is quite helpful as if you turn the speed too high; there is always a chance to remedy this. This knob has a nice feel to it, and one can click the speed settings easily.

It includes wireless connectivity, which enables the owners to acquire any updates and future presets. The manufacturer in later dates will have introduced these ensures that any user of this blender, regardless of the time he or she bought the Vitamix blender this also puts the ten-year warranty into perspective as ten years is a very long time.

The other good thing about this blender is that it allows for autonomy as the user can control the texture of the food or drink you are preparing through the pulse and speed control feature. These features have a touch interface, which makes them quite easy and convenient.

The good thing about this touch feature is that while adjusting any feature is that it gives you the maximum control as it does not let you to easily slip your fingers accidentally and make an impact in the blending process.

One does not need to worry about any under or over-processing, which will consequently ruin your recipe, as the Vitamix A3500 has an in-built timer which allows you to put in the duration of time you want through the automatic programmable timer. Once the set time has been reached, the timer automatically goes off.

One can be assured of its long-lasting nature. It was sure enough built to last. The manufacturer also has great faith in this piece of machinery as it has a ten-year warranty, which quite long for any blender. This warranty has, for sure, surpassed the warranty that is given for other blenders offered in the market, therefore worth every penny you spend to purchase this piece of art.

For those people who are obsessed with neatness, especially when it comes to their machinery, this equipment can clean itself within a short period provided there is a mixture of warm water and soap. Unlike other blenders, this model does not need to be dissembled to clean it hence very convenient.

The manufacturer had the consumer in mind while packaging this expensive blender as in its box; there is an additional base, a container that weighs sixty-four ounces, transparent lid, tamper, and a cookbook to help you in blending.

The transparent lid is a very new feature as it is not included in other Vitamix models. It enables the user to check on the blending progress. The lid plug, which has been later in cooperated by the manufacturer, can be used to measure the ingredients. This definitely adds to its convenience. The tamper is the main feature that allows you to mix and easily in co-operate any ingredient without having to stop the machine.

While purchasing the Vitamix A3500, the manufacturer gives the prospective buyer a chance to choose between the metal and the classic type.

This gives you the freedom to pick the blender that suits your preference and also kitchen without having to think that you are sacrificing any needed feature in the blender as they both have the same features; the only difference is their style. Its beautiful and elegant design makes your kitchen have a pleasant and contemporary look.

All its features gives the user the freedom to just preset the settings that you require to blend and walk around as it will automatically switch off once it is done this is very convenient as you don’t have to watch it like a hawk during the process of blending, therefore, you could engage in other activities as you wait for it to finish. Unlike other Vitamix models this has been noted by many satisfied customers that it is very quiet as compared to other blenders.

Pros of Vitamix A3500:

  • Has an automatic programmable timer
  • Has a pulse and variable speed control
  • It has a self- detect technology
  • It has a blended app for android phone users
  • It is durable
  • It can be self-cleaned by just pouring warm water and soap

This Vitamix A3500 review shows and explains in great detail as to why the Vitamix A3500 is the best blender to pick.

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