Vitamix 780 Review: Is This The Best Blender for 2021?

If you have been looking for a blender to buy, then look no further than the Vitamix blender.

Vitamix is a well-recognized brand that offers high-quality blenders that come with prestige, power, and performance. This company has been making top-notch quality blenders as well as kitchen solutions for many years.

They have many product lines that include Vitamix 750, Pro 780, 7500, E320, and A3500. Out of this range of amazing blenders, the most recent addition to their collection is the Vitamix 780 blender. In this article, we are going to look at Vitamix 780 blender review and compare it to other previous models.

The Vitamix 780 blender features the 64-ounce low-profile container as well as permanently inbuilt blades. This container is constructed from high-quality BPA free, temperature and shatter proofed copolyester material.

The new 780 Blender comes with automated blending and pulse that ensure walk-away convenience, simple cleaning, and consistent results for frozen dessert, puree recipes, soup, and a smoothie.

The functionality of this Vitamix blender is the reason why it is preferred by many professional chefs. The Vitamix 780 comes with a touch screen that has a hardened glass that is resistant to scratches and cracks.

In addition to the easy-tap buttons, the Vitamix 780 comes with a touch panel that has a full variable ten speeds selector, start/ stop button, and pulse function.

This blender has an aircraft-grade as well as a hardened stainless steel blade. With warm water and a drop of dish soap, your Vitamix blender can clean itself within 30 to 60 seconds. Other than the 7 years warranty, the Vitamix 780 blender is built to last and has a powerful blending system that delivers smoother, faster blends that are packed with flavor.

The Vitamix 780 comes equipped with four prong wet blades that measure 4 inches in diameter. These blades can not only process wet ingredients but also do grinding, milling, and dough kneading tasks. The blades are made of perfect quality stainless steel.

It’s Newer but Does That Mean Better?

Compared to its predecessors, Vitamin 780 uses the most recent touch screen technology. It features an LED control panel which is made of a tough glass that makes it crack and scratch-resistant. For so long, many kitchen enthusiasts have been waiting for a blender that does not have manual switches and dials.

The Vitamix 780 is an improvement to the other blenders because it includes a hi-tech control panel that is activated by either tap or touch of a finger. Another improvement in this blender is the five program settings.

Unlike other blenders by Vitamix, the Vitamix 780 comes with different program settings that include hot soups, purees, smoothies, frozen desserts, as well as self-cleaning. Also, this exclusive blender has a pulse feature that gives your blends more flexibility.

The other feature that makes Vitamix 780 stand out from the rest of the blenders includes next-generation 2.2 horsepower electric motor as well as extremely sharp blades which makes it possible for the blender to cut through everything. Based on these outstanding features, it is safe to say that the Vitamix 780 blender is better compared to previous models. (pdf)

Vitamix 780 vs. 750

What you need to know is that Vitamix 780 has many similar features to the 750 blenders. Both Vitamix 780 and 750 have the same 2.2 horsepower which is powerful and quieter compared to previous models. These two blenders have blades that can rotate at a speed of 240 mph.

When it comes to size, both 780 and 750 blenders are 17 and a half inches tall. They also feature 64 ounces low profile container which makes it a perfect fit for most kitchen cabinets. The weight of both 780 and 750 blenders is 12 and a half pounds.

On the side of performance, Vitamix 780 vs. 750 are pretty much straightforward. This means they can yield perfect consistency and texture that helps to create smoothies, soups, nut butter, and ice creams. These powerful grade machines can easily blend tough ingredients, thus giving you perfect results.

The first and major difference between Vitamix 780 and 750 has to be the control panel. The 780 blender features an upgraded control panel compared to the 750 blenders. Vitamix 780 blender has a digital control panel that is crack and scratch resistant and can be controlled by simple taps.

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Vitamix Pro 780 vs. 7500

It is important to note that both Vitamix Pro 780 and 7500 come from the latest G-Series as far as the Vitamix blender line is concerned. They feature an upgraded motor which is much quieter than other blenders. To avoid making the Vitamix Pro 780 and 7500 noisier, make sure you purchase extra accessories that are compatible with that specific blender.

Both Vitamix 7500 and 780 professional blenders feature the same 2.2 power motor that can blend juice, smoothies, puree, frozen desserts, as well as nut butter.

When it comes to appearance both these blenders have the same design because they originate from the G-series. Also, Vitamix Pro 780 vs 7500 is a high-performance blender that shares the same blade types and capacity.

Both G-series i.e., Pro 780 and 7500 blenders offer the same power and performance and come with a 7-year warranty. Cleaning the Pro 780 and 7500 is easy thanks to the self-cleaning feature that cleans it within 30 to 60 seconds. The main difference between Vitamix 780 and 7500 has to be the control settings.

Vitamix 7500 blender has a variable control setting which helps to control the process of blending while Vitamix 780 features five pre-programmed settings. Based on these similarities and differences, it is safe to say that Vitamix 780 is the clear winner because it has an easy to use touch screen

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Vitamix A3500 vs. 780

To start with similarities, both Vitamix A3500 and 780 have control dials, a motor and a high-quality blade. The performance of the A3500 blender is quite similar to the Vitamix G-series line since they use a 64-ounce low profile container. Also, the size of Vitamix 780 vs A3500 is quite the same.

Both Vitamix 780 and A3500 have 5 pre-set programs, 10 variable speed control, and pulse control, so when you compare them based on blending, we can say that these two blenders are almost the same.

Other similarities between Vitamix A3500 and 780 include 2.2 peak horsepower motor, self-cleaning function, and digital control panel which comes with LCD. The two G-series blenders also have a general appearance which looks almost the same.

When you compare them based on noise, we noted that the Vitamix A3500 is quite louder compared to the 780 blenders. However, the A3500 model is more convenient when it is compared to the 780 models. Price-wise, the newer Vitamix 780 has a bigger price tag compared to the A3500.

Another difference has to be the warranty where the Vitamix 780 comes with a 7-year warranty while the Vitamix A3500 has a 10-year warranty. It is worthwhile to note that the Vitamix A3500 blender has a self detect technology.

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Vitamix Pro780 vs. E320

Both Vitamix Pro 780 and E320 have a powerful motor and blades. The Vitamix 780 comes equipped with 2.2 horsepower motor while the Vitamix E320 has a 2.0 horsepower. When it comes to jar size, both these blenders have a low profile 64 ounces BPA free container which can accommodate ingredients in large batches.

Other similarities between Vitamix Pro 780 and E320 include a pulse feature and a 7-year warranty. Also, these two blenders are available in black and red options. The weight of the new Vitamix Pro 780 is 12.5 pounds while that of the E320 is 10.5 pounds.

The main difference between Vitamix Pro 780 and E320 has to be with the control panel. Vitamix Pro 780 has a touch screen panel that comes with 5 pre-programmed functions as well as variable speed slider. On the other hand, Vitamix E320 has a variable speed knob as its control panel.

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How Do You Prevent Your Vitamix Blender From Overheating?

First, you need to check the quantity of food that is processed by the blender to ensure it is not above the normal load. Second, check the speed to ensure your blender is performing at high speed to pulverize the food. Third, ensure you follow the order of ingredients to prevent the blender from overheating.

Do You Need To Sharpen Your Vitamix Blades?

You don’t need to sharpen your Vitamix blades because they are designed to pulverize food and not to slice. But in case the blend quality has changed, it means that the blender has a problem.

How Do You Clean Your Vitamix Blender?

Your Vitamix blender can self clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds without requiring any disassembly.


The Vitamix 780 is an upgrade to the previous models like E320, A3500, 7500, as well as 750. The touch screen panel makes this blender stand out from the rest because you can control the blender by a tap of a finger.

In case you want to buy the recent Vitamix blenders then you will not be disappointed when you purchase the 780 models.

Buying the Vitamix 780 blender guarantees you heavy usage for many years. Hopefully, this Vitamix 780 review will help you decide if this blender is the right one to add to your kitchen.

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