Vitamix 750 Reviews (Heritage vs. Pro): Top Blender in 2021

Vitamix has flooded the market with some of the best household and kitchen accessories. While this means you’ve got a wide variety to choose from, it also means that it can be challenging to find the best, which is just right for you.

The Vitamix 750, both heritage and pro collection, are worth considering. Now, it’s time to tell you more about the Vitamix 750. Continue reading!

Vitamix 750 Reviews (Heritage vs. Pro):

Top Pick: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish

If you’re looking to upgrade to a high-end blender that is powerful, versatile, full of useful and smart features, then this is a worthy investment. It also performs at its very best each time you use it, easy to use, and durable.

It comes with a 64oz low-profile clear container and a 750-brushed stainless finish with a cookbook heritage. The blender has ten pre-programmed speed setting together with a commercial 2.2- Peak-horsepower.

This item also has a thermal protection system, a radical cooling fan, a pulse feature, and long-lasting blades.


  • Efficient, durable
  • Excellent for daily use
  • Useful pulse feature
  • You do not have to assemble the blade


  • Expensive

Runners-up: Vitamix Blender Professional Series 750 Low- Profile -598

This is an excellent blender with 5 pre-programmed settings that ensure consistent results, walk-away convenience, and simple cleaning for purée, soups, frozen desserts, smoothie recipes, with just a single twist of the knob.

It comes with stainless-steel blades and 10 variable speeds, which give you both control and power. This model also has a compact design, which makes for hassle-free under-the-countertop storage.

It also comes with an instructional DVD, a getting-started guide, a low-profile tamper, and a cookbook.


  • Instructional materials
  • Compact design
  • Pre-programmed blends
  • Variables speed control


  • Noisy
  • Extra big for small batches

Best for Professional: Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

This aesthetically and functional pleasing appliance is the quietest and most powerful model the Vitamix has created.

It is developed with five different presets for particular needs, consisting of puree, soup, frozen dessert, smoothie recipes, together with settings for automated cleaning.

It comes with an introductory DVD, the low-profile tamper, a recipe book, and a manual speed dial for users that want to control the speed manually.

We are confident that the device is present in the position of fulfilling even the strictest demands of its clients.


  • Versatile
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Wide range of preset settings
  • Quieter


  • Costly

Best for the Money: Vitamix 750 Heritage G-Series Blender

The new upgraded super buzzy blender features improved container seal, metal housing, and unique sound dampening tech. A larger 64-ounce plastic jar with a large non-slip handle is included to facilitate pouring. It also comes with a Low-Profile tamper to aid thick process mixtures, such as frozen desserts and nut butter.

The control panel has five pre-programmed and 10-speed settings, allowing you to prepare a variety of blended drinks just the way you want them. The blender is ideal for entertaining and family meals and can perfectly fit under most kitchen cabinets. (pdf)


  • Easy to use
  • Super durable
  • Excellent for baby foods, salad dressings, nut butter, sauces, smoothies, and more.
  • Great for pureeing, kneading, milling, chopping, and grinding
  • Improved cooling system
  • One-touch operation
  • Pulse function


  • Pricey
  • No measuring cup in the lid cap
  • No digital display

What is the Vitamix Heritage?

The Vitamix 750 Heritage collection is an upgrade to the successful Vitamix pro 750. Both groups share much of the same power and design.

Vitamix Heritage is a 2.2 peak horsepower motor with five programmed presets for puree, hot soup, desserts, frozen desserts, and smoothie recipe, and self-cleaning.

The collection also has a legendary variable speed control for exact blending. On top of that, it has a dedicated master control and pulse switch.

Vitamix Professional 500 vs. 750: What works?

Comparing the Vitamix Professional 500 vs. 750 is not a straightforward task – both come close to being the ideal all-in-one kitchen device. They both have received rave reviews from chefs and home cooks, especially for their capability of pummeling all and any ingredients to bits quickly and easily.

They can create anything from whole-grain flour to green, healthy smoothies for the baking needs.

However, when it comes to power, the Vitamix pro 750 wins as it has one of the most potent motors Vitamix provides in its blenders.

The appearance and design of both models are almost identical, and they also function practically the same way. The one main difference between these two models is that the Vitamix Pro 750 is quieter.

The Vitamix pro 500 is cheaper than the Vitamix pro 750. But it makes the most sense to invest in a blender that can not only self-clean making your work less, but also make puree recipes, which is the Vitamix 750.

750 Heritage vs. Pro 200 vs. Pro 300:


Q: Are Vitamix Reconditioned 750 Blenders Reliable?

A: Yes. Reconditioned Vitamix has no defects, and so they differ from refurbished. Some persons purchase pricey blenders impulsively and later return them due to their high price tag.

The returned blenders are cleaned and carefully checked by specialists before resale. They’re necessarily like new as nothing is usually defective on return.

Q: Why Does Vitamix Only Create Blenders With Plastic Containers

A: Glass containers do not hold up to the safety standards and impact needed by high-speed blenders. Furthermore, Vitamix makes their containers from a safe BPA free Tritan Copolymer.

Q: Can I Put Boiling Water In Vitamix 750?

A: Yes. You can pour almost-boiling water into the pitcher.

Q: Which Is The Best Vitamix 750 Blender, Heritage, Or Pro Collection?

A: We cannot point to just one collection as the best as it largely depends on user preferences. However, all the machines we included in this review are outstanding.

Q: How to Clean Vitamix 750?

The Final Verdict

Whether you are looking to make salad dressing, pulverise ingredients for soup purees, or chop vegetables, the Vitamix 750, Heritage or Pro collection, can do it in a matter of seconds. While it’s a challenge to shop online, we firmly believe that informed consumers make excellent purchases.

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