Top 5 reasons to own a clothesline


So, you’re thinking about getting a clothesline, either building one or, even better, buying one, like we did.

But you might be a little on the fence about the whole thing.

So, we thought about it and decided to give you the top five reasons to have a clothesline.

We’re not saying you should throw out your electric dryer (I think you should, but the wife disagrees), but there’s a good chance after reading this, you’ll at least want to use it a lot less.

1-Less energy

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a clothesline uses a lto less energy than an electric dryer, but you may be surprised exactly how much.

According to this article, electric dryers in the US use 43 billion kilowatt hours and produces 32 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.


The same article cited above states the average electric dryer will cost about a quarter in electricity to dry a small load. Just doing a load a day means you’ll be spending about $91.25 per year. For us, and our family of four, a slow day of cleaning clothes requires at least three loads of clothes a day (we get dirty on our homestead). That means we’ll be spending more than $270 per year just on drying clothes. I’d much rather use that money to get a broadfork. It also means that you’ll pay for buying a clothesline like this one in less than a year of drying clothes.

3-More efficient

Sure, it may seem quicker to just throw a load in a washer, but it’s going to take about 45 minutes to dry (more if it’s a load of denim). But, on a good day, hanging clothes on the line means you have dry clothes in about 30 minutes. And, since an umbrella-style clothesline, like the one G&G sells, can dry 5-6 loads at a time, that means what would take an electric dryer 3 hours and 45 minutes to do (5 loads multiplied by 45 minutes) can be done in a shorter time. Even on a bad day, where it takes 2 hours to dry clothes on the line, that’s still 5 loads of clothes in two hours, which means you’re still looking at less than 30 minutes a load.

4-It’s prettier

Despite what a Home Owners’ Association might think (and the less said about those the better), a clothesline is just downright pretty. A colorful array of cloth blowing in the wind on a bright summer’s day is adorable. And umbrella-style clothesline actually rotates in the wind. Which means the act of hanging out clothes is an act of creating kinetic sculpture. That’s beautiful.

5-It’s a lot more pleasant

Just in case you need an excuse to get away from everyone, this is is. You can walk out your back door on a breezy summer day and hang out clothes. Just think: you and nature, getting chores done. It’s a lot more fun to spend a little time on a nice day hanging out clothes than it is hurriedly flinging wet clothes into an electric dryer in a cramped, hot, humid, lint-filled laundry room only to rush back to the million other things you have to do that day. If you don’t think so, try it.

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Melissa has a background in marketing, brand management, graphic design and photography. She left corporate America to pursue her dream of living a simpler life. Simpler doesn’t always mean easier but she enjoys every minute on her small homestead. She loves to cook, practice herbalism and gardening. Her passion is spreading the word about sustainable living and sharing her love of herbalism and living from scratch.

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