Top 12 Best Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums in 2021

Are you a lover of animals and fancy keeping pets in your home? Are you searching for a new home for your reptile?

Look no further, Carolina Custom Cages terrarium is the best choice you have for your animal. Our cages mimic the natural environment of your reptile pet.

These cages are well built and functional to suit your needs. They come in different sizes and designs to accommodate any species of reptile regardless of size or natural mobility. The cages are unique and the best preference for reptiles owners.

Below is a discussion of our 12 bestselling custom cage terrariums that are readily available in the market with their unique features.

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Extra-Long, 48Lx18Dx18H, Easy Assembly

  • This terrarium cage from Carolina custom is easy to assemble.
  • The shipment package comes with a manual guide that helps to assemble the cage quickly.
  • These particular types of cages come in different designs and sizes to accommodate different species of reptiles.
  • This cage is waterproof, reducing any cases of drowning.
  • They have a sliding door for easy access during feeding.
  • This cage is very spacious, allowing your reptile to stretch, climb, and grow in it.
  • The glass is heavy duty in nature and sturdy, thus preventing the reptile from breaking free.
  • The cages have a key lock as a security feature.

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Large 36Lx18Dx18H

  • Assembly of this terrarium cage is easy and thus can do it yourself without the help of a technician.
  • There are a variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs.
  • The glass material of this cage is solid to prevent breakage by your reptile.
  • The cages are spacious.
  • They have a key lock for security purposes.
  • The accessories that come with cage are, pull out trays, friendly feeders, disposable liners, and rotating feeder stations that are easy to use.
  • The price of this cage is pocket-friendly.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Tall Extra-Long Deep 48Lx24Dx24H

  • Assembling of this cage is easy for the buyer.
  • They have ample space for the reptile to grow in, stretch, and move around.
  • They are safe as the material used to make them is strong.
  • The sliding door feature allows easy access into the cage to feed the animal.
  • They have a wide viewing area that gives you the best view of your pet.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Large Deep 36Lx24Dx18H

  • The assembling of this terrarium is easy.
  • They are large enough to accommodate your reptile pet.
  • They are built with durable glass to ensure your pet is safely enclosed.
  • The doors are easy to open and have a simple keyed latch to prevent your reptile from getting out.
  • It is waterproof, thus avoiding dampness in the cage.
  • It comes with different décor that mimics the natural environment of your reptile, including lighting humidity habitat and the needed temperature.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Extra-Long Deep 48Lx24Dx18H

  • They are easy to assemble at the comfort of your house with the help of a manual guide.
  • They are of durable glass material that your enclosed pet can hardly break.
  • They are mounted with sufficient lighting bulbs to provide both light and the desired temperature that best suits your reptile pet.
  • The sliding doors are easy to open during feeding hours
  • The cage structure is reliable, durable with the ability to withstand strong force without cracking or shattering.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Tall Extra Large 48Lx18Dx24H

  • They are easy to assemble.
  • They have well-mounted lighting bulbs for light and heat.
  • The top glass is well ventilated to allow sufficient circulation of air.
  • It has sliding doors for smooth opening and closing.
  • They have adequate space for your reptile to grow in them.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Tall Extra-Extra-Long Deep 60Lx24Wx24H

  • It has simple assembly steps with the aid of a manual guide.
  • It has a large view space that will entice your family and guests.
  • The glass is strong enough to withstand any amount of force without the risk of breaking.
  • They are well lit and ventilated.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Giant Deep 72Lx24Dx18H

  • The cage has a waterproof base.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It has a large display space.
  • It is well ventilated and with natural decor like large rocks.
  • They are built of strong and durable material that does not break easily.

Carolina Custom Cage Giant Deep Tall 72Lx24Dx24H

  • The cage is waterproof, freeing the reptile from dampness.
  • It is large and can accommodate big reptiles.
  • It has sufficient lighting.
  • It has sliding doors for easy opening.
  • It has a durable glass material that does not crack or break easily.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Giant Deep Extra Tall 72Lx24Dx24H

  • The cage is spacious to allow free movement of your pet.
  • It is well lighted and ventilated.
  • The cage is waterproof and thus prevents dampness.
  • The cage has a keyed door for security purposes.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Bio Deep, 24Lx18Wx30H

  • The cage is spacious enough for your pet.
  • It has a deep base, which is waterproof.
  • It is well ventilated for ample air circulation.

Carolina Custom Cage Terrarium, Bio Deep, 36Lx18Wx36H

  • Its glass is not easily breakable.
  • It is simple to assemble.
  • It has adequate space for your reptile.

How to Choose the Best Cage?

Having the right terrarium is quite vital for your reptile to create the right environment for their wellness and health.

Your reptiles need to have enough space to climb, stretch or swim, and grow. It is, therefore, crucial to understand how big your reptile will grow to buy the right terrarium for it. The factors that guide you in choosing the right terrarium for your reptile are:


A larger terrarium is always preferred as your reptile keeps growing. A small terrarium may shorten the life span of your reptile. Your animal needs space to move in play, stretch or swim. (more info)


Reptile being cold-blooded animals do not regulate their body temperature; that is why a heating system is essential in a terrarium.

Carolina cages have a wide range of heating devices like tubular heaters, pads, under tank heaters, light bulbs, basking lights, and ceramic heating elements.

We set a basking light usually at one end of the terrarium; thus, the animal can access the heat for digestion. We also provide a more relaxed area where your reptile can rest and sleep.


Different reptiles require different amounts of humidity or require different methods put into place to introduce moisture into their environment.

The moisture level of Carolina cages is regulated by temperature, the introduction of water into the atmospheric space in it, and ventilation.

The cages come with an inbuilt hygrometer that helps with measuring the moisture level in your terrarium cage continually.


Different species of reptiles require a different amount of lighting. For sufficient light, especially for basking species, the Carolina cages have well-positioned specific light bulbs that work best with each particular species. A barrier is built in these cages to prevent risks of burns from the lighting bulbs for your reptile.


Good ventilation is a big necessity for your terrarium to enhance the free flow of air. This prevents any risk of suffocation of your reptile, thus shortening its lifespan.


The interior of your terrarium should mimic that of the reptiles’ natural habitat. These interior features should not pose any harm or threat to your pet.


The materials used should be long-lasting. They should also be strong enough to withstand strong forces without the risk of breaking or cracking.


Dampness is more likely to shorten the life span of your pet by causing infections and illnesses. Besides that, it makes your pet uncomfortable in the cage. It is advisable, therefore, to ensure that your cage is free from dampness.


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Final Thought

From the outline given above, Carolina custom cage terrariums certainly provide the best terrariums for your reptile pet.

If you are looking for a terrarium cage big enough to ensure that your reptile fits comfortably, or small that your tender pet is not lost in it, Carolina custom cage terrarium is the best choice you have.

Therefore, if you need a terrarium that is worth your money and value of your pet, you need to consider getting yourself one of the cages discussed above.

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