Submission Guidelines, Letters to the Editor, and more

If you’re interested in From Scratch, we’d be thrilled to death to have you work with us. If you’d like to write (an article or a blog post), or submit photos, or graphics, or just a list of ideas you may have, send them to [email protected].

Full disclosure: We currently do not pay our writers (we hope to soon, but as of now, we aren’t). We do offer advertising to our contributors (1/4 page per contribution) and that can be used to promote or sell anything that isn’t illegal or doesn’t violate our core values (more on those in a later post).

We reserve the right to turn down any writer or advertiser for any reason.

We work in an effort to include as many different viewpoints and ideas as possible, but it must be understood, we primarily support and advocate for unconventional agricultural methods and homesteading (organic, permaculture, etc.).

We want to be a big tent and a hub of ideas for the art and science of homesteading (including homeschooling, natural/holistic health, agriculture, farming, animal husbandry, etc.). And as such, we encourage anyone with the desire to submit content to do so. We have no requirements regarding previous experience and are actually quite willing to work with beginning writers, photographers, designers and artists to help hone their craft or pursue a passion.

In the spirit of serving as a community resource, and understanding how big and varied that community is, we understand that there will be disagreements over nearly everything: From farming methods, healthcare concerns and more.

If you have those, we encourage you to let us know. You can send letters to the editor to [email protected]. Or, we’d encourage you to put together a piece with better information (as long as it’s withing the bounds of good tastes, does not commit libel nor is it insulting another contributor or those that work with From Scratch).

Technical specs:

There’s not much limit to the length of content, however, a piece should be a minimum of 250 words (if it isn’t send it to us anyway, if it’s good enough or we can add to it, we’ll be happy to discuss ways to make it happen — or run it as a blog post).

All pieces will run with a byline, including graphics and images, with links to the contributor’s personal site and/or email address.

We reserve the right to edit material for content, grammar and spelling.

We reserve the right to reprint the content, in any format, as necessary. All reprinted material will include links and attribution where possible.

Images should be at least 72 dpi for the website and 200 dpi for the publication. Photos should be in a jpg format. Graphics should be submitted via pdf format.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know at [email protected].