Smart Smith Alcohol Refractometer: A Perfect Device To Measure Alcohol Content 

We have equipment for every need. This technology has reduced our work to half. Now, we have some excellent equipment to check on the freshness and quality of any content. We can also check the concentration of water, spirit alcohol using this one equipment.

A refractometer has made our work easier. It is a device that plays a significant role in the life of a beekeeper, food and beverage industry, and alcohol retailers. This device helps to know the correct amount of Brix, Baume, water content, and spirit alcohol. Refractometer makes our work easier and quicker. A refractometer has a wide range of applications. It is useful in laboratories and the agriculture sector.

In this blog, let’s discuss one such refractometer, called Smart Smith Alcohol Refractometer. It is a perfect device for alcohol retailers, bartenders, and the food industry.

Today, we are going to describe the features and how to use Smart Smith Alcohol Refractometer. So, continue reading this blog to get every detail.

What is Smart Smith Alcohol Refractometer?

Smart Smith alcohol refractometer is a device used to test spirit alcohol in brandy, vodka, or any other alcohol. It has an aircraft aluminium body material and is stainless and non-corrosive nature. It provides accurate measurement and is easy to calibrate.

You only need three drops of liquid to get results within seconds. So, no need to waste gallons of alcohol in testing. You don’t have to worry much because it shows accurate readings despite changing temperature. They offer three droppers in the package as one dropper might not be sufficient.

The same brand has a honey refractometer as well, which comes on a 3 in 1 scale.

Features of SmartSmith Alcohol Refractometer

SmartSmith Alcohol Refractometer is one of the best devices to use. This device is perfect for everyone who belongs to the same industry. The following features make it an absolute must-have device:

  • This tool tests spirit alcohol volume in drinks like vodka, brandy.
  • This tool provides an accurate reading. This device comes with ATC, which helps in measuring the accurate reading irrespective of changing temperature.
  • It is a portable and easy to handle tool.
  • One of the most durable device and is trusted by many.
  • This device is anti-scratch and long-lasting.
  • The package contains a plastic storage box, refractometer, clean clothes, three suction tubes, a screwdriver, and an instruction manual.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • The tool is quite affordable, so don’t panic much about the prices.

How to use SmartSmith alcohol refractometer?



It is quite simple. Take a few drops of liquid on the prism. Cover the prism with the help of a cloth and look through the eyepiece against the light. You can easily check the reading through the eyepiece. The accuracy of the device depends on good calibration. You need to calibrate the device once in three months. The calibration process is quite simple. You need distilled water and adjust the result to 0. There is an instruction manual to guide you.

Don’t wash it under water directly. Clean it using a cloth. Please keep it clean and dry after using.

Benefits of using a Refractometer over traditional methods

Earlier, we had traditional measuring methods like alcoholmeter or hydrometer. With the advancement of technology, we got our hands on this amazing product called a refractometer. Refractometer has various benefits over any other product. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • The first benefit of a refractometer is that it uses a small sample size. So, you don’t need to need to use much quantity of alcohol for sampling.
  • The refractometer comes with an ATC formula that is automatic temperature compensation. Temperature changes won’t affect your reading, which was not the same in the hydrometer case.
  • The refractometer is a lightweight, handy tool. So, you don’t need to carry in bulk.
  • The hydrometer is quite inexpensive in comparison to a refractometer. If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest much, a hydrometer is a good option. But if you want accurate reading and better results, a one-time investment in a refractometer is worthy enough.
  • Unlike a hydrometer, a refractometer shows results within seconds.

Tips for maintaining SmartSmith Alcohol Refractometer

Here are the following tips for maintaining the SmartSmith Alcohol refractometer:

  • Avoid taking it to a wet environment. Don’t wash it directly underwater.
  • Try to evaluate the same solution for which you have bought the refractometer. For instance, if you have bought a saline refractometer then, avoid measuring honey from it.
  • Avoid breakage and scratches for adequate measurements.
  • Store it in a place where there is a constant temperature.

The refractometer is a blessing in our life. Thanks to the use of technology that has completely changed our world and has made our works easier. SmartSmith alcohol refractometer is the best budget device. The only drawback is that it doesn’t work properly to test wine or any other high sugar content. So, buy this one quickly and reduce your work pressure. This device is going to be your best buddy.

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