Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Ways to Decorate the Home on Your Homestead

As homesteaders we garden, we care for our livestock, we bake from scratch, we sew, cook, and can leaving us very little, if any, time and resources to focus on the inside of our home. But the home interior should not be neglected. It provides us, and those with whom we share it a safe haven from the outside world. It should be a beautiful place: calm, peaceful, and reflective of whom we are. But beautiful does not need to be expensive, and time invested does not need to be exorbitant.

The following are some quick, easy, and inexpensive ideas to beautify your home. 

  • Bring the outdoors in

Whether it is a basket of produce from your garden, a bouquet of wildflowers, or even the pruned branches of a budding shrub, bring the outside elements of your homestead inside. A table centerpiece is the most obvious place for display, but what other areas in the home could use freshening up?  How about a bedroom nightstand, the kitchen windowsill, or the corner of a bookshelf? And don’t forget utilitarian areas like the laundry room.  They deserve a nice touch and will make your every day chores a pleasure.

  • Repurpose what you have

Before purchasing something new, is there any way to repurpose something you may already have? We recently moved into our home, and since we built as simply and inexpensively as we could, we did not have a kitchen pantry.  What we did have was an old antique bedroom dresser. It now stands in our back hall serving double duty holding canned goods as well as a charging station for cell phones.

The shabby chic look blends well with our country decor.  Other pieces that work well for storage are antique wardrobes, jelly cabinets, or wooden crates. Furniture is not the only item to be repurposed. Get out your vintage linens and put them to use. Consider using an apron for a small curtain or a tea towel for a table runner. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try something new.

  • Art need not be framed

Another way to repurpose items is to hang them on the walls: pretty plates, baskets, quilts, and antique farm tools will provide warmth and a rustic atmosphere.  If you do choose to use framed pieces but don’t want to go to great expense try framing postcards, vintage seed packets, or handwritten recipes. Hang a small variety of items together as a grouping. Before pounding holes in the wall however, play with your items on a flat surface such as the floor to get the arrangement you like.

  • Bring out your jars

Those of us who can have them in great numbers: mason jars in every shape and size available. Free up some of your storage space and bring out your jars. Use large ones to hold wooden clothes pins or antique buttons. Set out on a shelf or counter top, they serve their purpose while looking pretty. Fill  various sizes with flowers and/or candles and group together on a tray or in a window sill. Use them on your counter in lieu of canisters and fill with pasta, dried beans, and rice. For entertaining, add a touch of down home chic to your table. Use them as glassware or to hold the silverware at a buffet table.

  • Less is more. 

In choosing the decor of a room, keep in mind that clutter creates visual noise not to mention extra work when it comes time to dust. Consider keeping extra accessories to a minimal. Try to select items that serve a function apart from just looking pretty.  If you have the time and the storage space, rotate accessories on a seasonal basis.  Most of us value the homesteading lifestyle for its simplicity – allow this simplicity to carry over into your interior spaces as well.

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Melissa has a background in marketing, brand management, graphic design and photography. She left corporate America to pursue her dream of living a simpler life. Simpler doesn’t always mean easier but she enjoys every minute on her small homestead. She loves to cook, practice herbalism and gardening. Her passion is spreading the word about sustainable living and sharing her love of herbalism and living from scratch.

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