Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper Reviews [Best Picks for 2020]

Ohio steel is known for producing some of the best and highly reliable lawn sweepers. The company is celebrating 50 years of being an industry with leading quality and innovation since it was started in 1958. This company has been synonymous with producing high-quality commercial products as well as quality.

The company was able to expand from a 25,000 square foot facility and become a structural steel fabricator. Due to its great success, we shall be discussing Ohio steel lawn sweeper reviews in today’s article.

Best Ohio Steel Lawn Sweepers for The Money:

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush


Easy To Handle

The Ohio Steel 42SWP22 lawn sweeper features an incredibly easy to handle design.

Furthermore, it is incredibly light in weight, which makes it a great lawn sweeper for handling all sorts of debris in your lawn.


For enhanced durability, this Ohio lawn sweeper is designed from highly durable material.

Moreover, it is equipped with a 42-inch sweeper spiral brush, which is ideal for collecting all sorts of debris from a lawn.


This Ohio steel lawn sweeper measures 51 by 18 by 16 inches with a weight of approximately 95 pounds, which makes it perfect for moving around.


  • Extremely durable
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to control


Setting up this Ohio steel lawn sweeper is a bit complicated despite having a great design.

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper


Highly Compatible

If you are looking for a lawn sweeper that is highly compatible, then the Ohio steel 50SWP26 pro will be perfect for you. This sweeper is highly compatible with all brands of tractors available in the market. This is due to its amazing five-position hitch adjustment.

Easy To Use

This Ohio steel lawn sweeper features an easy to use design, which is ideal for maximum performance. Just like most of Ohio steel lawn sweepers, the 50SWP26 features a lightweight design, which makes it perfect for cleaning your lawn.


When it comes to measurement, this Ohio steel lawn sweeper measures 57.5 by 17.5 by 12.5 inches and a weight of around 102 pounds.


  • Highly compatible
  • Light in weight
  • Great performance
  • Easy to operate design


The fabric bags equipped in this lawn sweeper are of low quality.

Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper



For enhanced, the Ohio steel 42LS sweeper features an easy to handle design. Furthermore, its lightweight design makes it easy to operate hence improving performance. You are always guaranteed a fantastic end result while sweeping your lawn while using this Ohio steel product.


Most of Ohio steel products are highly durable, and the Ohio Steel 42LS sweeper is no exception. This lawn sweeper was designed to be long-lasting.


This Ohio Steel lawn sweeper measures 51.8 by 17.5 by 12.5 inches and a weight of 95 pounds.


  • Easy to operate
  • Great performance
  • Light in weight


Despite having an excellent performance, this Ohio Steel lawn sweeper is a bit tricky to install.

Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper – 42in.W, 22 Cu. Ft. Model Number 4222V2


Great Design

The Ohio steel 4222V2 lawn sweeper features spiraled polypropylene brushes, which sweeps effectively. Furthermore, these brushes work incredibly perfect even at low speed.

Height Adjustment

With this Ohio steel lawn sweeper, you can easily adjust its height; moreover, it features positive lock adjustment with no slip, which prevents you from vibrating out of position.

Simultaneous Mowing

This Ohio steel lawn sweeper features tow in an offset position to help with simultaneous mowing as well as sweeping.


  • Effective sweep
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to operate


Fitting the bag on the frame is a bit tricky with this Ohio steel lawn sweeper.

Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper Parts:

Ohio Steel Two Tow-Behind Lawn Leaf Sweeper Wheel Tire Complete Assembly



This Ohio steel wheel tire is made from highly durable material.


When compared to most lawn sweeper tires in available the market, this Ohio steel wheel tire is highly affordable.

Works perfectly

Due to the fantastic material used in constructing this tire, its performance is incredible.


  • High performance
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Enhanced durability


It is not fully replaceable.

Ohio Steel 307011 Sweeper Replacement Wheel Assembly Lawn and Garden


Fully assembled

With this Ohio steel wheel tire, there is no assembly required.


In case of any damage, these Ohio steel wheels are replaceable, which makes it a great tool to invest in.


The Ohio Steel 307011 wheel measures 11 inches.


  • Fully replaceable
  • No need for assembly
  • Pocket-friendly


The wheel is made from plastic, which makes it less durable.

About Ohio Steel Company:

The Ohio steel company was founded in 1958 by three individuals who had diverse backgrounds and interests. The company started with an employee who operates as a structural steel fabricator in its 25,000 square feet facility in Columbus, Ohio. The company’s first delivery market was within the area of central Ohio.

Nowadays, the Ohio steel company operates in various facilities with an area of more than 300,000 square feet. The company manufactures lawns and other garden products, extrusion, plastic as well as structural steel fabrication service across the globe.

The company is ISO 900:2008 registered. The company researches, develop, design, engineer manufacture and sell diversified OEM lines as well as private products. Furthermore, they offer contract manufacturing services.

The Ohio Steel company management system ensures that quality principles, as well as practices, are embedded throughout the manufacturing process, from the conceptual designs to the final product delivery.

Furthermore, the Ohio steel company employees are committed to offering a high-quality product to their esteem customers. The company fosters on an environment that is focused and highly committed to consistent improvement as well as learning throughout all levels.

The Ohio steel company incorporates statistical control methods through the use of state of the art measuring equipment in order to minimize as well as control variations in their manufacturing processes. This process enables them to attain their goals of meeting or even exceeding their customers’ expectations.


What Are Lawn Sweepers?

You cannot purchase Ohio steel lawn sweeper without understanding what a lawn sweeper is. Lawn sweepers are garden tools that are used in the removal of debris mechanically. (other brand)

They are ideal for removing leaves, pine needle, twigs, grass cuttings as well as excess dirt in your lawn, among other debris. This machine can work correctly on both pavement and grass.

Do Law Sweepers Need Any Maintenance?

The good thing with lawn sweepers is that they do not need a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, it is still advisable you do small repairs every once in a while to prolong the machine’s life expectancy.

How To Use Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper?

There are different designs of Ohio steel lawn sweepers available in the market. These sweepers are often operated differently. If you have an Ohio steel tow-behind lawn sweeper, you can simply attach it to a lawnmower or tractor, and it will work along with the battery of either of this machine. A lawn sweeper cleans similarly to a vacuum cleaner.

By brushing through the debris, lawn sweepers will be able to pick the dirt into the hopper bag before being disposed of. Ohio steel offers lawn sweepers with high-quality brushes, which works perfectly for an incredible end result.

What Type Of Debris Can A Standard Lawn Sweeper Collect?

Lawn sweepers usually pick everything that is on your yard, and this includes pine needles, pebbles, twigs, gumballs, turds, leaves, and many others. However, how good it is at picking up these waste materials depends on how duty its design is.

Therefore, if you want a lawn sweeper that does a thorough cleaning and is more efficient, you should get a tow style lawn sweeper, but if you are looking only to collect lightweight debris such as a leaf, a push-style lawn sweeper will work just fine.

How To Empty An Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper?

Once the lawn sweeper has pushed debris into the hopper bag, which is often located at the rear end of the device, it will need to be disposed of when full. When they are full, you will detach them from the machine for you to empty it in a garbage disposal.

How Much Time Does My Lawn Sweeper Save Me In Comparison To Using The Traditional Rake Cleaning?

Lawn sweepers will save you a lot of time. For example, if you usually take one hour to clean your lawn using a rake, then you should expect a lawn sweeper to do the same more efficiently and be done in ten minutes.

Nevertheless, several factors can affect its efficiency that needs to be considered depending on the lawn sweeper’s model.


By now, you probably have understood how essential Ohio steel company is; the company is famous for providing its customers with high-quality products in every purchase they make.

When purchasing a lawn sweeper or any lawn sweeper parts or products, you should consider buying it from the Ohio steel company, and you will never be disappointed.

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