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The best homesteading blogs that the internet has to offer – all in one place! Please take a look and visit these like minded friends.

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The homesteading community is vibrant. It is filled with wonderful people who are a part of a movement. They are on a journey to lead a more sustainable life. There are so many great stories being told everyday. Are you a modern homesteader who blogs about your journey? Join the modern homesteader blogger directory today! Not a blogger? Not a problem. This resource is a perfect place to find inspiration, tutorials and education.

What is a Modern Homesteader?

A modern day homesteader is a person who raises chickens in their backyard, they make their own bread, use a sewing machine, and plant a garden. They are canners, diy’ers, fence builders. Modern day pioneers who have removed themselves from the rat race. They wear boots and jeans. They love beautifully handmade things. They enjoy good music. good food and good books. They are the modern homesteader.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment in the biggest city or on a 1,000 acre farm – being a modern homesteader is a philosophy on how you want to live your life.  Anyone who is working towards living a more self sustainable lifestyle is a modern day homesteader.

What is the Modern Homesteader Blogger Directory?

It is an online community resource. A place to share your blog and to support and visit other homesteading blogs. Please visit the blogs listed. Find the ones that speak to you and read their posts, leave comments, and follow their Facebook pages.

From Scratch wants to feature your blog! A modern homesteader blogger will be featured in each issue of From Scratch Magazine.

How does it work?

Joining is easy. All you need to do is click on the Click here to enter link above to add your blog. Follow the instructions from Linky Tools and you are in!

A few guidelines…

  1. This directory is for homesteading related blogs only. It is a community resource that is meant to foster and encourage dialogue in the homesteading community. No businesses, etsy shops or promotional websites are allowed. If a link is submitted that is not a homesteading related blog it will be deleted.
  2. Please place a button on your blog’s sidebar linking back to the Modern Homesteader Blogger Directory. You can copy the code for your own blog button below.
  3. Have fun! This is meant to be a place to find fellow homesteaders! If you have any questions or are having problems adding your blog please email [email protected]

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Melissa has a background in marketing, brand management, graphic design and photography. She left corporate America to pursue her dream of living a simpler life. Simpler doesn’t always mean easier but she enjoys every minute on her small homestead. She loves to cook, practice herbalism and gardening. Her passion is spreading the word about sustainable living and sharing her love of herbalism and living from scratch.

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