Top 7 Best Homesteading Books for Beginners [2020 Reviews]

Have you ever discovered the secret behind success?

It is all about identifying your passion and facing it with an aspect of honesty to acquire a positive achievement.

Degree of hunger to become successful varies with every individual yearning to outshine the other. This calls for stiff competition and hard work between individuals who are hungry for success.

In this review you will realize the concepts of unearthing hidden treasures of life after a day’s toiling. Surely, what you sow is what you reap.

Homesteading From Scratch: Building Your Self-Sufficient Homestead, Start to Finish

Have you ever thought of doing something differently other than what people do? Life seems to be revolving around your health. It’s about what you eat and the environment you live in.

This book assists its buyers with online information about how to become responsible over the sources of their food, what to eat, and how to carry out their daily activities.

This prolific author tackles different homesteading topics which include food preservation skills, capturing enough calories from our crops; a descent approach on urban gardening makes it even more interesting. It is for this reason that:

  • New homesteaders find this product as the best option as it has enough information to get you started, with colorful photograph work to assist in demonstration of ideas.
  • Any novice finds this book enjoyable to read and get answers to every question on how to make your homestead self sufficient and accommodative.
  • The author’s narratives are inspiring, funny and applicable even to the youthful generation who yearns to learn about food systems. With the help of this, you can see the need to improve on certain areas in the concept of homesteading.

If you are having an idle portion of land, get this book at an affordable price and plan from the scratch to see amazing results.

New Complete Self-Sufficiency: The Classic Guide for Realists and Dreamers

Every one’s greatest wish is to live a disease-free life. The process of ingestion improves stomach peace or ruins it. In simpler terms we should always take heed of what we eat.

How do we monitor our food basically from the farm to the dining table? Are you looking for a general self-sufficiency skills handbook to help you with the myriad tasks farm life requires?

This is an improvised problem solving material useful anywhere even to remote areas where the old skills are slowly becoming instinct or are unaffordable.

This book exhaustively outlines information about farming processes starting from preparedness to harvest both from the grass root level to the urban setup.

If you are looking for sufficient skills to help solve problems emanating from farm life, this classic guide is the most appropriate due to the following reasons:

  • It has deep detailed, well illustrated information which provides answers to every question.
  • It possesses materials or equipment like slashing hooks and peat knives which are unavailable in other parts of the world.
  • It emphasizes on the importance of intensive farming especially for beginners who would wish to reduce their farming inputs.
  • You can apply the ideas on this book everywhere. These ideas are in easy-to-read format, all in English language which all dreamers could understand.
  • Trying things out by yourself after reading this book is something you cannot resist.

In addition to this, the book emerges to be a good deal for its self-sufficiency as you don’t have to merge it with other sources to get other more comprehensive information.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 10th Edition

Any homestead without this encyclopedia is incomplete because it has the most complete information about growing, processing, cooking and preserving homegrown foods from the farm to folk.

People develop the habit of borrowing knowledge from this book every time they want to acquire some land, make sausages, rare goats, prepare farming land, grow herbs or even start poultry keeping.

This is the best option for someone who would wish to resume farming of any kind or if there is need to improve on self-sufficiency. Missing out on this revised edition is a total blunder.

This book is the most appropriate because:

  • It has complete source of step- by-step information about every domestic activity.
  • Readers without plans of raising cattle or even sell homemade cheese will find this document applicable and interesting.
  • It has old wisdom as well as up-to-date website sources to make country living easier. This treasure should not miss from your home library as it equips the entire family with pioneering skills and techniques to help in building homestead.
  • This encyclopedia is a useful reference for old farming methods, animal husbandry, both food preparation and preservation.
  • For the purposes exploring great ideas on a particular subject, this is the best option. All the recipes herein are of high standard and helpful.

For most city dwellers who are staunch homesteaders, this book becomes the most essential reference source. It is a must have and a must read for a long distance friend.

This book is wealthy in knowledge; tackles only the information that is pertinent to dreamers who are homesteading or country living.


Banquette preparations become a common adage to the present lifestyle. Drinks top everyday’s menu as young men and women resort to different tastes to confirm their age group transitions.

But the question is; how do these expensive liquors come about? Moonshine has the answers to these questions; a book that awakens human curiosity.

No book has such a fascinating, well illustrated tips in the history of making distilled spirits as Moonshine. Peruse through its past during the tough periods of prohibition to the today’s accurately, legally made spirits.

Dozens of well arranged recipes make every beginner to adapt easily. Whiskies, brandies and grappa all make part and parcel of this list. Take it this way; if you want to make something you would want to drink you would have to be keen. You will have to practice a lot.

Homesteaders find this book useful in many ways. These include:

  • It is the best book for friends who love partying while taking a good, stiff drink.
  • It is very easy to read between the lines to have knowledge on drink mixes or recipes.
  • A book with much fun and well written great graphics. Never to forget is its humorous approach accompanying the pictures for effective illustrations. A set of CDs with soothing drinking songs is also included in the package.
  • It provides clear instructions for preparing a mash and distilling liquor right within your backyard. It also takes into account all legal regulations and requirements before covering ingredients, building a still, basic distilling techniques and dozens of recipes, all in line for the beginner.
  • Besides gaining wealth of praises on alcoholism, this book outlines a few precautions for the spirit lovers. This proves the degree of honesty of the author.

The Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still

  • Sometimes facing life with an alternative improves one’s health. Intelligent people find alternative solutions and in this case, this machine is the most appropriate one.
  • One can still embark on sugar, corn, potatoes or any other thing to ferment into alcohol as this will still extract the water, creating almost pure alcohol.
  • Furthermore, this product turns out to be a gift for beer lovers. It goes through the steps of producing the mash to building the still.
  • The book has extremely well detailed and clear techniques to enable you make still of different sizes. It also explains how to run it once you build it.
  • It can provide you with a designed way to make fuel for lawn mowers and generators.

Tasha Tudor’s Garden

  • This is all about a magical garden intrigued by the profusion of flowers and the secrets of floriculture. Tasha claims the ownership of this garden which also accommodates domestic animals of different species; from goats to doves and parrots.
  • Stories emphasize on Tasha’s lifestyle with glittering information that everyone who gardens would wish to have. What a pure delight to catch a glimpse of this self-sufficient lady, to witness her farming techniques by perusing the pages of this book.
  • The topography of her garden flowers is breathtaking with an interesting accompanying text. This gardening sample is an endless labor of love that is worth imitated.
  • One secret of success is to identify and appreciate people with great ideas. This calls for a new approach to your bookshelves by getting a copy to see for yourself the sumptuous, elegant photos of this inspiring gardener.

The Backyard Homestead: Produce All the Food You Need on Just ¼ Acre!

  • After setting up a house for your family, what are you thinking about the remaining parcel of land at the backyard? To start mixed farming is one promising idea that benefits the entire family. Poultry farming, practicing bee keeping, cattle rearing and horticultural farming both can keep the backyard busy.
  • The Backyard Homestead shows how this works out. It has plenty of ideas and illustrations on how to raise chicks while at the same time prune fruit trees.
  • This book clearly shows what to start with as a beginner, how to do it, what to expect and how to progress once it’s on course.

All New Square Foot Gardening

Have you ever thought of acquiring a piece of gardening land closer to your house? This could be everyone’s wish as you would be monitoring your project more frequently.

Children blend in well with this method as getting them involved is easy. Gardening teaches them responsibility and valuable skills.

However, the following contributes to the improvement of a square foot garden:

  • Moving your garden closer to your house is necessary. Size of land required is just about twenty percent of the traditional garden space.
  • Establishing your garden on an already existing soil saves you money as you wouldn’t need to test for the soil PH. It also saves your energy as there is no heavy digging of the soil to achieve good results.
  • You only need a SFG box to and establish a depth of about 6 inches. Most plants do well at this depth.
  • This gardening doesn’t require any fertilizer. What you have to do is to mix the soil accurately and in the right way.
  • This method uses bottomless boxes placed slightly above the ground as the photos illustrate.

You can choose this system of gardening over other methods due to the following reasons?

  • The ideal gardening aisle width is about 3-4ft advocating for easy working and harvesting while kneeling to the ground.
  • It saves seeds. There is reduction of seed usage per hole and thinning the remaining ones. Weeding is minimized because soil composition makes it easy to uproot weeds.
  • The new boxes being smaller and lighter are portable due to addition of plywood at the base.
  • In addition to this, there is a set of easy-to-follow instructions together with lots of photos and illustrations.
  • The square foot garden takes up much less space than the traditional raw gardening and it saves time, money and aggravation. You cannot waste water because of the water absorbing and drainage properties of the soil.
  • There are also charts available for reference. Moreover, the garden mix is eminent for interlocking seasons of planting and spacing of seeds indoors.

In short, this book has loads of useful information and after getting your copy you won’t help waiting for the next planting season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Are New Versions Of These Books Sold At Relatively Higher Prices?

Each update makes them slightly bigger books, too as more information is collected and carefully chosen for inclusion.

Q. These Books Appear To Be Having Deep Details. How Did Their Authors Manage To Assemble All These Information?

Every author includes an extensive bibliography of books to read for anyone wishing to research a subject in detail. This is evident in that they assemble their findings and even mention points of references.

Q. Every Book Seems To Be Promising A ‘Paradise.’ How Can One Justify This Statement?

All the authors write based on experience. If you think the photos in the book covers give exaggerative appearances then get a copy, apply the techniques and wait for the results.

Q. I’m I Allowed To Prepare An Alcohol As A Beginner?

Without inspection and approvals, you are not permitted to make any amount for personal use. It’s a complicated process that requires a fire extinguisher, a metal smith with efficient skills and plenty of patience.


Most treasures are in books. Beginners receive good news as farming is no longer difficult as it used to be. Every farmer yearns for these new techniques to improvise their farm produce.

The agricultural sector receives a major boost due to these farming arrangements and people are thronging the library to borrow both ancient and modern knowledge, seeking ways in which they can become legendary gardeners. The secret is to make a move and grab your own copy at an affordable price before it runs out of stock.


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