Juki TL-2010Q Lockstitch Sewing Machine Review

Sewing seems quite intimidating to users with little or no experience. Considering the Juki TL-2010Q model will make your sewing work adorable.

Juki, a Japanese company, deals with a variety of sewing machines of both domestic and industrial use. This company works tirelessly in providing the latest technological updates with sewing machines in particular to its customers with the main target of ensuring customer satisfaction.

The machine collectively presents a more convincing outcome in embroidery as compared to other sewing machines. Its automation enhances smooth operation while sharpening your artistic skills.

It has a wealth of features and is user-friendly.

The machine is so swift in operation that it can finish a task within a short time. There is no sewing machine of the same price range that has the same speed as this.


  • The Juki TL-2010Q machine is easily portable because of its lightweight. It doesn’t vibrate when in use. The positioning of the handle is perfect for even support, so it doesn’t appear heavy.
  • Its arm and bed mainly made of aluminum die-casting enhancing long durability.
  • The machine has a large space enough to support many items and offer a wider sewing area than conventional sewing machines.
  • It has two thread cutters; one on the machine and the other on the pedal. It also has the most predetermined stop place of the needle.
  • This machine has a knee-lifter and a needle capable of moving up and down, an essential factor in quilting. The knee lifter lever enables you to lift/lower the presser foot. You won’t have to use your hands in raising the presser foot.

Juki meets all the customer requirements with an endless list of significant accessories such as:

  • Needles, standard foot, dust cover, extension table, guiding manual.
  • Oil dispenser, half-inch quilt foot, zipper foot, lint brush, spool cap, four bobbins, even feed foot, walking foot.
  • Blind hem foot, piercing foot, two screwdrivers, and two different darning feet.

Extension Table

This machine requires proper storage. Enough space is needed to accommodate all the accessories.

It comes with a big extension table that helps in handling of heavier tasks, an added advantage that many sewing machines lack. With this, you feel comfortable while handling different projects at a given time.

Automatic Needle Threader

This is another unique feature that saves you time when working on the Juki TL2010Q sewing machine.

It easily threads the needle without much straining.

You don’t need to apply a lot of energy as the needle threader makes work easy. The user manual provided shows how it works.

Stitch Length

This sewing machine has an adjustable allowance of up to 6mm. This means it can handle materials of different thickness or size.

It is essential to find the required stitch length on a particular fabric. You can equally refer to the user guide.

Stitching speed

Juki TL-2010Q has a minimum stitching speed of 200 stitches per minute and a maximum speed of 1500 stitches per minute. At this rate, the machine reduces loads of work within a short time.

Even at its topmost speed, this machine doesn’t vibrate neither does it make much noise. Whether you choose to work at an accelerating speed or low-speed doesn’t affect the output.

The goodness with this machine is that you will be having complete control over your sewing speed.

There is room for speed adjustment of your choice. Furthermore, you can run it without creating tension on your legs. It is a good option for the lame or old folks whose legs are not strong to use the foot pedal.

Needle Up/Down Control

The moment sewing stops, the needle stops, too in the down place to give room for accuracy calculation.

Pressing the needle/down button makes the needle to move.

LED Lighting

This machine is truly illuminating. It gives a clear view of the sewing arena as well as creates space for more precise sewing.

Benefits of Having Your Own Juki TL2010Q

There are many significant reasons why this sewing machine may become a threat to your wallet. It is a machine of its own kind that will make you buy it again and again.

Some of these benefits include:

  • While many sewing machines make a deafening noise when on the operation, the Juki TL2010Q doesn’t make loud noise even at its topmost speed.
  • This machine makes sewing easier. It enables you to sharpen your quilting skills and experience while enjoying the extra space provided by the extension table. It is suitable for heavy quilts compared to other sewing machines.
  • It efficient enough to work on heavy fabrics so long as you are making necessary adjustments when the work is on course.
  • There is no doubt on its durability because its structure is strong and steady. It can work on reptile skins leather, plastics, nylon, polyester, and wool among others. Alongside its slender arm features an extra space where you can do all your sewing activities.
  • It has abundant features for ease of operation. Moreover, it can make 1500 stitches per minute.

However, it is essential to know that this machine has cons, just like other machines. Some of these include:

  • This machine, being mechanical, needs constant proper maintenance. Failure to do regular oiling may damage it. So be ready to incur the expenses of machine service on a regular basis.
  • The LED light is not as bright as expected. This may affect your visibility, especially when you are working in an environment with dim light. Circumstances may force you to buy a better LED light.
  • This machine is quite expensive. Like it is always said, you spend more to meet the best. You may use a lot of money, but the service you will get is excellent.

Juki 2010Q vs Juki 2200QVP Mini vs Babylock Jane:

FeaturesJuki TL2010QJuki 2200QVP MiniJuki Babylock Jane
MAXIMUM SEWING SPEED CONTROL200-1500 stitches per minute200-1500 stitches per minute200-1500 stitches per minute
STITCH LENGTHMax. 6mmMax. 6mmMax. 7mm
WORK LIGHTYes.YesOne LED lighting
MACHINE WEIGHT38 lbs25.4 lbs24.25 lbs
WARRANTY5 Year Limited1 Year Limited25 Year Limited

Sewing Speed Challenge: TL-2000Qi vs TL-2010Q

1/4″ Quilting Foot for Ruler:


Q. Does This Machine Have A Warranty?

Yes, even though Juki has never had any problems, the need for a warranty becomes baseless. Nevertheless, it has 20 years of warranty.

Q. Can This Machine Work On Tough Nylon?

This is a heavy-duty machine best in quilting and can sew nylon fabrics with a lot of ease. All you have to do is to choose the right needle for every fabric.

Q. What If The LED Lighting Is Not Effective Enough?

You can replace it with another brighter led light strip at a cheaper price for a more illuminating experience.

Q. How Many Thread Cutters Does This Machine Have?

It has two thread cutters; one on the machine itself and the other one on the pedal.


Juki TL2010Q is a powerhouse that gives its best. Materials used to set up this machine are the best. Any beginner can now use this opportunity to build a fulfilling sewing career.

If you choose to go for this machine then you get ready to spend. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple sewing machine to get your job done, then Juki TL2010Q is most probably not for you.

It requires total attention while learning on how to apply the accessories that come with the machine.

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