How to Quiet an Aquarium’s Water Pumps?


If you’re a nature or science lover who gets easily mesmerized by nature even to the tiniest bit, then most probably, you already have your own aquarium, if not then having your own aquarium (and fishes most obviously) is a must. Aside from making your home much more attractive, an aquarium filled with tiny yet attractive sea creatures can be quite a wonderful sight to ponder upon, even more so if you add extra peripherals such as led lights, rocks, corals and other creative designs. Imagine this. It is 3:00 in the morning and the room is dark, you start your weekly existential contemplation and stare blankly into the aquarium’s light, passively observing with unfocused eyes those swiftly versatile movements of your precious underwater friends. Thinking “Hmmm… So these are my ancestral origins…

And containing them inside some kind of transparent box would prevent them from evolving into land monkeys. Nice…” Even just the thought of it can be quite mesmerizing.

Having a small and contained space of a small water ecosystem is great, however, things like regularly cleaning the tank or preventing your cat from eating your precious underwater friend can be somewhat annoying. Most especially that noise your aquarium water pumps is constantly making (While some people find background or static noise like this relaxing). This article will mainly guide you on how to quiet an aquarium’s water pumps while including interesting science facts

Why Are Water Pumps Needed?

Well, fishes need oxygen to live. Thanks to our leafy friends, Earth manages to maintain  oxygen in our atmosphere. Oceans, rivers, streams and other bodies of water obtain oxygen from the atmosphere when oxygen dissolves and mixes into the water’s surface, or when fast-moving streams and rivers help oxygen mix in, as well as underwater grasses and algae that produce oxygen. But your aquarium does not exhibit all three, and thus, will need an air pump to pump ir’ into your tank.

Do you know that dolphins and whales cannot breathe underwater? They regularly go to the surface to breathe air. Dolphins can hold their breath for 8 to 10 minutes while whales can last up to an hour and a half. If you think about it, that can be quite a hassle for these sea creatures.

Steps and Methods in Quieting Your Aquarium’s Water Pumps

Gathering Materials

First things first, the only things you will need are just a few silicone pads or foam pads (noise-reducing mats) and a bunch of zip ties. You can buy them online or probably a store near you. Very straightforward isn’t?

Place Those Mats/Pads

Place the pads and cover the surface area which where your water pump makes contact with the tank. The concept is pretty simple. You are preventing noise to travel into your tank. Vibrating objects of a certain frequency will make noise, for example, is your speakers. Studios use this concept to achieve excellent acoustics. They cover the room with objects that absorbs vibrations such that their sound recording would be clear.

Or Wrap Them Around

Some air pumps might be in contact with another area than the bottom. For this, you can wrap those pads around your water pump and hold it in place with zip ties. Make sure you reduce as much contact as possible to have a silent aquarium for your house.

Habitually Clean Your Water Tank

Aquarium water pumps or air pumps have filters to prevent debris from entering its system. However, it will gradually accumulate dirt and particles that may cause it to make irregular noises. You can prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning your tank, although you should already be cleaning your aquarium regularly without having this guide mentioning it.

In case your air pumps are clogged, you should take it to the manufacturer for some cleanup, and if you know what you are doing, then you can take it apart and do the job yourself, though that may void your warranty

Replace Your Pump

Well, if nothing avails and your water pump still makes irritating noises then you should consider replacing your pump for a new and better one. There are a lot of available water pumps with pre-built silencing system such as foam-based stands and floaters. Some are specially engineered not to make noise when pumping.

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