Top 5 Best Well Pump Pressure Switches for 2021

One of the commonest types of switches for well pumps is the pressure switch. It is a type of switch made to operate by breaking or making electrical contact depending on the water pressure. When the pressure level hits a preset point, the switch activates to break or establish an electrical circuit.

The switches activate after the pressure increases or when it falls and turns on the circuit again when the preset pressure level is attained.

Top 5 Best Well Pump Pressure Switches for Sale:

Square D by Schneider Electric FSG2J24CP

For people with private well systems, the Square D by Schneider Electric FSG2J24CP pressure switch is a good choice. The pressure switch will tell the well pump that delivers water into your home when to switch ON/OFF.

Whenever the pressure increases past the pre-set level, the switch will turn the pump off and stop.

The manufacturer supplies this product for electrically powered jet pumps, reciprocating pumps and submersible pumps. The 40/60 pressure switch comes with a ¼ inch pressure connection port.

The maximum pressure stands at 220PSIg and it is 3 phase rated. You can mount it in a position to monitor your water pump.

The key features

  • The pump comes with a preset 60psi maximum pressure and 40psi minimum pressure
  • It is ideal for submersible pumps, reciprocating pumps and jet pumps
  • It relies on standard-action contacts to open when the pressure rises beyond the set point
  • Features a ¼ inch pressure connection
  • Runs on 220VAC or 110VAC


  • The switch works properly
  • It can also use a centrifugal pump
  • Ideal for car washing and sprinkling with low water pressure
  • It is a heavy-duty piece


  • Has no trip switch to kill any electrical feed to your water pump if it is running dry

The market might offer similar pressure switches, but not all of them will work as reliably as the Square D by Schneider Electric FSG2J24CP.

The installation process is easy and the switch comes at a low price. It comes with a flexible cord and a male plug so that you can connect easily to the power source.

LEFOO LF16 Water Pump Pressure Switch 40-60psi

The LEFOO LF16 Water Pump Pressure Switch 40-60 psi is necessary for the smooth operation of your well pump system. It is considered one of the budget-friendly pressure switches for well pumps and systems.

Because the manufacturer supplies it pre-set, you do not have to alter the set pressure range, which turns ON at 40psi and OFF at 60psi.

However, if the need to do that arises, you can do it easily by following the instructions listed on the front cover. It features a ¼ inch NPT female port and runs on a 12VDC and 240VAC. It measures 3.9 inches by 3.9 inches by 4.5 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces.

Key features

  • Pressure setting 40-60psi
  • One 1/4NPT female port
  • Rated at 120VAC 2HP, 240VAC 3HP
  • Normal close contact arrange
  • Differential pressure is 15-30PSI, 15-35PSI, 20-35PSI


  • The price is friendly
  • The switch is of good quality
  • The installation process is easy
  • Adjustable pressure range


  • Does not come with installation instructions

The pressure switch for well pumps is of good quality and comes at an affordable price. After opening the box, you will find every other installation procedure easy to follow. If you do not like the preset pressure range, follow the offered instructions to adjust it.

Phoenix FSG2J21 30/50 PSI Water Pump Switch

Most people hate the process of purchasing a pressure switch for everyday use, but with the Phoenix FSG2J21 30 /50 PSI Water Pump Switch, you do not have to go through the complex selection stages. It has an operating level that is among the best for well water pumps.

The switch comes with a preset ON pressure of 30 psi and OFF pressure of 50 psi and the manufacturer supplies it as a replacement switch for the original equipment switches, which include LeFoo LF16, Square-D FSG2J21 and Huanli BSK-2.

The manufacturer warrants it against failures or defects within 3 years from the registered purchase date. If you incur a failure or defect within the period, Phoenix will send you the replacement pressure switch at no additional cost.

The manufacturer knows that the process of replacing a pressure switch can be confusing, so before buying you can contact them to know whether the switch is compatible with your well pump. The switch measures 3.9 inches by 2.8 inches by 3.8 inches and its weight stand at 10.2 ounces.

The key features

  • The preset On pressure is 30psi
  • The Preset Off pressure is 50psi
  • It has one port and ¼ inch NPT pipe fitting
  • It does not have an Auto/Off lever
  • The maximum motor switching capacity stands at 1.5HP at 120VAC and 2HP at 240VAC


  • Comes at a low price
  • Works properly
  • Easier to install


  • The pressure is not adjustable

If you need a pressure switch that is easier to install and one that retails at a low price, the Phoenix FSG2J21 30/50 PSI Water Pump Switch is a good choice.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that covers defects within three years after purchase. So, you will have nothing to worry about during your purchase.

Square D Water Pump Pressure Switch

Next on this list is another pressure switch for well pumps that wins our heart. It is the Square D Water Pump Pressure Switch and most people consider it one of the budget-friendly pressure switches for well pumps.

The manufacturer designs it for reliable automatic pump systems control. So, you should expect time-tested and reliable control for your automatic well system.

Many people, both professional plumbers and DIYers, have been using the Square D LF10-WS Water Pump Pressure Switch as original equipment on their water pumping systems or pumps.

It comes preset at 30-30 PSI but you can adjust it to 40-60PSI or 60-80 PSI or any other pressure range you need provided that you will not exceed the 100psi. The maximum load stands at 20 amps. If your load is above that, you will require a magnetic starter.

The key features

  • The preset ON pressure is 30psi
  • The preset OFF pressure is 50psi
  • The pressure is adjustable to any predetermined point
  • Maximum pressure is 100psi and Minimum pressure is 20psi
  • Runs on 115VAC-230 VAC or 12VDC


  • It works properly
  • It is almost totally sealed after screwing down the top
  • The pressure switch will work with almost all power outlets


  • The installation is not clear
  • It is bulky

If you need an adjustable pressure switch for your well pump, this is worth your consideration. You can adjust the pressure to any point between 20psi and 100psi. One of the things that most buyers were happy with is the installation process, which is very easy.

Brands2O TC2104-P2 Well Pump Pressure Gauge

The Brands2O TC2104-P2 Well Pump Pressure Gauge feels more premium than its price suggests. If you are planning to run your well pump daily, this pressure switch is necessary.

The manufacturer designs it for effective pump systems control. It is time-tested and more reliable for automatic water systems control.

You can use it on the original equipment or on any other pumping system. You can adjust the pressure level to any point between 0 and 100psi.

Moreover, you have the chance of installing it on your jet pump or well pump system. One of the things that you will like about the switch is the ability to monitor the performance of your pump and the water pressure.

It comes with a ¼ inches NPT connection port, a plastic housing, plastic lens and brass fitting. It weighs 2.88 ounces and measure 16 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches.

The key features

  • It measures a pressure range of 0psi to 100psi
  • It is applicable with jet pumps and well pumps
  • Monitors the performance of the well pump
  • Monitors the water pressure
  • Has a ¼ inch NPT connection port
  • Features a plastic housing, brass fitting and a plastic lens


  • Applicable with both well and jet pumps
  • Monitors the performance of the pump and the water pressure
  • Easier to install


  • Not durable

If you need a pressure switch that with an adjustable pressure level and that is usable with well pumps and jet pumps, this is one is a good choice. Most users like the adjustability feature and the low weight. You will enjoy the 1-year warranty too.

How To Choose A Pressure Switch For Your Well Pump

When choosing a pressure switch for your well pump, you have to check all the specifications to be certain that it will perform well. The market offers many styles but all of them are either solid-state or electromechanical.

Electromechanical switches

The commonest mechanical pressure switches come with a sensing element in addition to an electrical snap-action switch.

Manufacturers may use several forms of sensing elements but they all have one common thing – the move fast to respond to the changes in system pressure. Due to the movement, they act on the contacts of the switch by closing or opening the contacts.

Solid-state switches

The solid-state switches feature a metal diaphragm, which is almost the size of a dime. The metal diaphragm features a microstrain gauge that the manufacturer edges onto the dry surface. Any increase in pressure changes the strain gauge’s impedance.

The purpose of the inbuilt digital comparator is to monitor the output of the strain gauge and then compare it to user-specified set points. After the pressure reaches a set point, its electronic circuits switch the solid-state relay on to complete the circuit.

The Specifications To Consider During The Selection

By knowing the requirements of your well pump you want to control, you will choose properly functioning pressure switch. Here are some of the specifications you have to consider when choosing the pressure switch for your well pump.

Read the description for each of the specifications so that you can understand and determine the right range for your well pump.

Pressure range

The pressure range shows the pressure within which the valve operates. The pressure, which your application creates for the switch, must be within the specified numbers to prevent problems. Some manufacturers create switches with a fixed setting, which you can never adjust.

Pressure switches that come with adjustable pressure range are usable with many well pumps. You have to be sure of what you need during your purchase.

Horsepower to voltage

The horsepower to voltage indicates the horsepower limit that the pressure switch can transfer to your well pump it is controlling – whether it is running on three-phase or a single-phase power supply.

Before you buy a pressure switch, you have to check the power specifications and the horsepower of your pump. That way, you will be certain that the pressure switch you are about to purchase will handle the well pump.

Differential range

At the differential range, the pressure switch will not react to any movement. Instead of gradually dropping to the contactors, the pressure switch reacts only when the pressure drops very far from the setpoint to cause fast snapping action to contacts and activate the controlled point.

And depending on the pressure switch you choose, the differential range might be adjustable or fixed.

Burst pressure

The burst pressure relates to the maximum pressure your pressure switch can handle. If the pressure exceeds, the mechanically controlled pieces and the inner seals start to fail or break apart. So the pressure of your application has to remain below the burst pressure to prevent failure or damage to the pressure switch.

Special features

Some pressure switches for well pumps come with a manual switch for OFF/ON/AUTO, in addition to an unloader connection for the air compressor valve. The special features can also include high or low-pressure cut-offs or multiple pole contacts.

When choosing a special feature, consider the requirements of your application. The requirements include types and sizes.


Whether you want to install a new well pump system or to upgrade the existing one, the above list will provide you with a good starting point when selecting the switch.

If the list does not provide you with what you need, the guide will be helpful. The market offers a wide variety of pressure switches, which mean that you to do your selection carefully.

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  1. Veruca Scott

    I use the LEFOO LF16 Switch and when I was buying it, I was bothered if such a budget-friendly switch could serve me. But then, I was shopping on a stringed budget so I had to go for it. The switch proved me wrong and is not one of the switches that ever served me for so long.
    It works seamlessly. The preset pressure doesn’t work for me so I had to make some tweaks but still works well and I did that myself with no stress.
    If you operate a well pump system too, I will recommend the Switch. You should try it out too.

  2. Felix

    I made the mistake of not choosing a good pressure switch when starting out with my pump. I didn’t take the time to do a good survey to see which will work best. I got one that I still regret whenever I remember. The best thing is to check all the specifications, styles and all of that before making a decision.

  3. Larry

    This guide is very helpful. If one decides to face the market alone, you’ll get confused as there a wide variety of pressure switches and any little mistake in your choice can turn out unpleasant to you. I fix such stuff and when I get called to a house to fix something and I realize that they didn’t buy the ideal pressure switch, it always poses a problem as that will mean getting a whole new one or managing the current one in the hope that it will deliver to an extent.

  4. Johnson

    I strongly recommend the Square D switch by Schneider. It is the best on the list. I have used three switches from the list before I finally settled for this one from Schneider. I like how it works automatically to alert your water pump when to go on or off. You don’t have to bother about handling that yourself. Saves you time and even stress.

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