Flow Hives Reviews: A Detailed Look at Flow Hive [2020]

Benefits of Flow Hive:

When it comes to beekeeping, people often ask a lot of questions. For example, which is the best beehive between Langstroth and flow hive? How much money will I spend on each?

Moreover, what do the experts advise?

The truth is that if you are looking to set up an apiary, these are questions whose answers you must seek holistically to remain in good stead as an apiarist.

With bees facing serious challenges such as colony collapse disorder, you need to secure them in a place from free diseases and mites. [1]

In this review, we look at among other things:

  • The benefits of a flow hive.
  • A review of some of the best flow hives in the market.
  • The amount of honey you can harvest from a flow hive.
  • The lifespan of a flow hive. We also provide answers to specific questions apiarist ask about beekeeping essentials such as hives.

First things first, let’s take a look at the benefits of a flow hive. Here, you should ask the question, why should I choose it over any other type?

Well, we found some answers as follows:

A Brief Look At The Origin Of A Flow Hive

Inexperienced beekeepers would be wondering how a flow hive looks like, if not its origin. We tackle both so that you have a better comprehension of it going forward. A flow hive traces its origin to Australia-a popular beekeeping destination.

According to inventors of flow hive who happened to be a father and son (Stuart Anderson and Cedar Anderson), a move away from Langstroth hives meant apiarists will begin to experience an easy and hassle-free of harvesting fresh raw honey.

Typical features of a flow hive include:

  • A flow frame that constitutes a plastic foundation and cells that have not been fully formed.
  • The other parts of a flow hive resemble those of a Langstroth namely inner cover, roof, and a screened board at the bottom.

You should note that a flow hive fits into a Langstroth. You would want to argue that it came about as a result of the former but that is a topic for another day.

More Honey

Proponents of flow hives, most of whom include experienced beekeepers say that you get more honey with this hive variant.

From our findings, it is the truth. The design makes it perfect for apiarists who are looking to harvest lots of honey. Some call it a ‘turn-a-tap’ hive.

Easy To Operate

When Stuart Anderson and Cedar Anderson designed the flow hive, their vision was to make harvesting of honey both fun and easy.

And according to apiarist who has since fallen in love with the hive, the fact that it is easy to operate with the turn of a key makes it an outstanding selection.

Minimum Disruption When Harvesting Honey

The ease with which you get to harvest honey is not the only biggest selling point of a flow hive.

Another advantage it brings to your apiary is that it lessens the disruption of bees during harvesting. At the turn of a key, the sign of honey flowing into jars is breathtaking. No removing frame as is the case with Langstroth.

Flow Beehive Reviews:

We handpicked some of the best flow hives from which we believe you will find the best. Now, to help you make the right decision and put money on the best product, we explore their features. Here we go.

Official Flow Hive 2 Cedar 6 Frame-Langstroth Style Beehive-Patented Flow-Tech

When you can extract honey without harming bees, it means you have access to all the honey in the hive. Official FLOW hive 2 gives you easy access to honey without disruption or interruption to honey.

It is a hive from the official manufacturers that also minimizes the risk of bees stinging you while harvesting honey.

Once you insert a key into the frame, turn it on and honey will be flowing out into harvesting jars effortlessly. You will soon taste sweet natural honey in a matter of minutes.

The good thing about this flow hive is it’s suitable to both novices and experienced apiarists. You do not need any expertise or skills to use this hive. Nonetheless, it makes your honey-harvesting experience easy and fun.

When you put money on this flow hive, you can rest assured of a top-quality product will last its worth. It traces its origin to the original masters, which together with a technology patent, means you have the original make.

In a nutshell, founders of the flow hive are the brainchild behind this 2 cedar, 6-frame hive.

Another reason why you should put money on this hive is that it features BPS and BPA-free plastic. This way; you can be sure bees remain healthy and all you get is pure natural grade honey. The construction, which is mostly premium red cedar gives this hive strength and durably.

As soon as you put money on this product, you will have access to unlimited apiary resources from the grandmasters of FLOW HIVE, any day and time. It is very affordable and sparingly heavy.

Official Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6-Frame-Patented Flow-Tech, Langstroth Style

The Langstroth inspired creators of flow hive, and that is a feature you will notice if you opt to buy this 6-frame hive. It is strong and lasts long, thanks to cedar wood construction.

While bees will hardly sting you when harvesting honey from this hive, you should put on protective gear at all times. A flow key is all you need to start harvesting honey like a pro.

You do not need expert knowledge or skills to use this hive; hence it is ideal for beginners. If you have substantial experience in harvesting honey, you can very get ready to enjoy the ride.

It is a product of flow technology patent. With up to 6 frames, all you can expect is lots of honey as soon as you add this hive into your apiary.

Moreover, official classic cedar hive looks like a Langstroth but you will still get sweet-tasting natural honey, thanks to BPA and BPS construction.

While it costs a little more than the first one in this review, being a popular choice among apiarists make it worth giving a try.

Official Flow Frame Classic 6-Patented Flow, harvest tubes, 6pcs-8-frame Langstroth fit

Our next flow hive from the original manufactures is this Classic 6-frame patented hive. For starters, note that it fits into an 8-frame flow hive.

If you are looking a hive that will turn your beekeeping dreams into reality, this 6-pieces hive with the hive is your best bet. It is affordable and relatively lightweight.

Enjoy the flow of honey and taste sweet natural raw honey from this hive with a single turn of a key. It is a food-grade, high quality and durable hive from Australia and the U.S.A.

In every way you look at it, there is no better way of becoming a member of flow hive community if not putting money on this top-of-the-range beekeeper’s accessory.

Golden Palace Auto Flow Beehive, Super box 7pcs flow frame

A 7 piece flow frame is always going to give you superb experience when harvesting honey. With this variant from Golden Pace, a top manufacturer of beekeeping accessories, you will put money on one of the best products in the market.

It features Firwood on the outside. Other components that make us this auto flow hive are food-grade, BPA and BPS-free.

Thus, you can always taste honey right at the source without worrying about the quality of its plastic components. It is safe to use and while at it, bees remain undisturbed. Tap your honey directly into harvesting jar and learn about beekeeping on the go, thanks to a user manual that comes with the package.

Golden Palace Auto flow beehive weighs only 52.9 pounds and comes at a reasonably fair price. The amount of money you will spend depends on whether you need a new or used hive.

Flow Official Frame Classic 7, Patented Tech, 7pcs with key and harvest tubes-Fits into 10-frame Langstroth hive

Beehives come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. And because we wanted to give buyers as many options as they would wish to have, we find Flow Official Classic 7 the best fit for a large variant.

From our end of the bargain, and of course basing our judgment on testing its features, a large hive yet weighs only 18.7 pounds is a lucrative choice.

The fact that Flow Official Classic 7 is a product of the original grandmasters of flow hive is a plus. Moreover, it is a highly accessorized hive, and quite detailed. Crafters of this product took their time, putting finer details into action.

It can fit into a 10-frame Langstroth, a feature that makes it outstanding from all the hives reviewed in this post.

Flow Hive 2 Assembly

How Much Honey Can A Flow Hive Produce?

While we may not give a specific figure, it is noteworthy the amount of honey you will find in a flow hive varies depending on the number of frames. Take, for example, Classic 6.

It often holds up to 39 lbs of fresh raw honey. It means the more frames, the more honey you will harvest. With a Classic 7, you would harvest up to 44 lbs.

How Long Do Flow Hives Last?

With good maintenance, flow hives should last more than 10 years. You must have noted that most, if not all, are products of hardwood. Thus, putting money on any of our selected brands is sure to last a lifetime while returning value for your money.


Q: Are The Necessary Preliminary Checks Before Harvesting Honey From A Flow Hive?

A: Before harvesting honey, the most important thing you should do is ensuring full capping of flow frames. For first-timers, the best way to expect this is by opening the hive. You should have a smoker and protective clothing.

Q: Honey Is Leaking From My Flow Hive. What Do I Do?

A: Honey leaking from a hive is a common sighting; hence it is not something about which to worry. It always depends on how bees cap cells. Most of the times, they mop the excess honey on the flow of the hive.

Q: How Do I Prevent Bees From Getting Into The Harvesting Jar When Tapping Honey?

A: While it is possible to harvest honey from a flow hive without alerting bees, you should cover the jars with a wrap as a precautionary measure. [2]

Q:  What Is The Best Time To Harvest From A Flow Wax?

A: There is no specific time for harvesting honey from a flow hive. You can do it in day time or night. Also, whether you choose to tap your honey during chilly or hot weather, it is at your discretion.

However, experienced beekeepers advise that you harvest honey late in the afternoon. It is because bees are calmest during this time of the day.

Q: How Long Should I Wait Before Harvesting Honey From A Flow Hive?

A: Well, this is always going to depend on the strength of the colony and the availability of nectar. Some will fill in a week, especially during peak seasons and sometimes it takes longer than you would expect.

However, during winter or summer, a super flow hive should fill within a month.

Final Words

After all, said and done, fromscrathmag.com always wants you to put money on the best product. Depending on whether you need a small, medium or large beehive, not to mention how much money you are willing to spend, you always a tap or a click of the button away from the best.

Did you find what you need? Would you like to engage us further? Please feel free to share your thoughts, views, and opinions in the comment section below.

Also, remember to share this post with friends across social media. It could be the only chance they need to land a top-of-the-range flow hive.

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