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Make your own cheese

I bake my own bread. I don’t understand why anyone would use a box mix to bake a cake. I take pride in cooking things with real ingredients. So, it just seems natural that the next step in my culinary journey would be cheesemaking. I won’t say that the process didn’t intimidate me – because […]

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Authentic Vietnamese Pho Recipe

vietnam rice noodles

This delicious recipe from Chef Tara Dawdy is traditionally eaten for breakfast. I love Asian food. All kinds of Asian food: Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Something about the combination of what we consider common vegetables into new and interesting flavors tickles me. And the concept of Umami as a flavor piques my curiosity. So, […]

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Tres Leches Cupcake recipe


If you were lucky enough to attend the Sustainable Agriculture blog this year, then you probably enjoyed some really great cupcakes: Tres Leches Cupcakes. The cupcakes were made with ingredients sourced from local farms and the care involved in raising the crops, milking the cows and putting them all together to make these cupcakes showed […]

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