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How to kill your grass?

It’s about the time of year where it’s a great idea to start doing lawn maintenance. Aerating, fertilizing, seeding, trimming, edging, dethatching, etc. etc.ur You’ll need to spend hours of labor making sure that your lawn is the best in the neighborhood, maybe even the best in the city or county you live in, providing […]

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The Homesteading From Scratch Book is Here!!

Homesteading From Scratch

Homesteading From Scratch is for people who want to do things differently—the type of people who want to eat real food, grow herbs, make cheese, raise baby animals, hunt mushrooms, pick blackberries, unschool their children, can jelly, ferment kraut, farm organically, connect to nature, live intentionally, and more. Guiding readers from desire to full-blown off-the-grid […]

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Authentic Vietnamese Pho Recipe

vietnam rice noodles

This delicious recipe from Chef Tara Dawdy is traditionally eaten for breakfast. I love Asian food. All kinds of Asian food: Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Something about the combination of what we consider common vegetables into new and interesting flavors tickles me. And the concept of Umami as a flavor piques my curiosity. So, […]

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Walking Onions, the best allium ever

A friend of ours recently gave us one of my favorite housewarming presents ever: A pot of Walking Onions. Walking onions are onions that don’t produce flowers as they get older. These onions instead produce clusters of mini-bulbs at the end of every stalk. Eventually, the weight of the baby bulbs causes the stalk to […]

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