Brother SE600 Review: Is This Sewing Machine A Good or Bad Buy?

Looking for that perfect sewing and embroidery machine that worth every dollar spent? Well, we have a recommendation for you – the Brother SE600 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine!

As a beginner or advanced sewer, this machine has everything that you need to create masterpieces and fashion statements. You have read about different brands of sewing machines and you still have not decided which to buy, well, this post will help you decide.

In this post, we highlight the wonderful features of this machine, why you should buy it and so on. We believe that after reading, you will surely cast your vote together with the 9 out of 10 customers who recommend this machine.

Do read on, please…

About the Product:

Brother SE600, an upgraded version of the SE400, the SE600 sewing and embroidery machine with its unique features yet stands at a good price. This beautiful machine that will help convert your ideas and dreams to reality thanks to its advanced technological makeup.

Unlike the SE400 that displays in monochrome, this wonder machine, comes with a 3.2” Sew Smart Color LCD touch screen. With the color LCD, you can preview designs, colors matching on embroidery before applying to fabrics.

In terms of versatility, the SE600 ranks high – featuring an extended embroidery design-editing feature. You can do a lot with this machine for instance you can move designs via the LCD with your finger, position font in an arc, modify different thread colors and so on.

The SE600 features more designs and stitches – 80 embroidery designs and 103 stitches. It also comes with USB port for uploading and downloading designs. With this feature-laden machine in your house, you can create the world yet it is budget friendly. Read more about its features in the next section.

About The Unique Features:

Considering the key features of this sewing and embroidery machine, we came up with the list below which differentiates it from others:

Dual Purpose Sewing Machine:

The SE600 like its predecessor happen to be a combination sewing machine. It sews and does embroidery designs.

With the machine, you need not spend unnecessarily buying a sewing machine and embroidery machine separately since it can perform the two functions.

Colored 3.2” Sew Smart LCD Touchscreen:

It comes equipped with a large 3.2-inch touchscreen. Through that screen, you can view, edit and preview embroidery designs before transferring it on your project.

You can also from the screen change the color of threads from the available pallets. The full-color LCD shows you how the design will look like on your project before you transfer same on it, hence eliminating trial and error.

Spacious 4” x 4” Embroidery Area:

Like the SE400, the SE600 also comes with an expansive 4 x 4 embroidery area. The space makes it easy and comfortable to work with and on fabrics to create pretty designs.

Automatic Needle Threader:

Threading the SE600 cannot be easier, good news to people with threading difficulty. With one touch the machine becomes threaded, meaning goodbye to tweezers or magnifying glasses.

Computer Connectivity for designs importing:

This feature makes the machine a futuristic one. With the USB 2.0 port, you can easily import your best designs downloaded from the internet or elsewhere.

The machine comes with a built-in memory where you can save the designs. You can also update your machine via the port from the manufacturer’s website so the machine cannot be outdated.

Brightly Lit Workspace:

Work on dark colored fabrics at a comfortable speed without much dependence on external light because the SE600 like its predecessor comes with a brilliant light on the needle area/workspace.

The LED light illuminates the needle area for you to create your designs even in low light condition. The light comes in handy when you are sewing and doing embroidery designs.

Reliable, Quick-Set Drop-in Bobbin System:

With a drop-in bobbin system, searching for bobbin thread has become a thing of the past with the SE600.

80 In-built embroidery designs:

This bad boy comes with a whopping 80 built-in embroidery designs to give your items great decorations. You can also take advantage of the internal memory to save your designs.

103 built-in stitches:

This versatile fashion tool, comes loaded with 103 different stitches for creating beautiful designs on your crafts and clothing.

This array of stitches in this number cannot be found in any sewing machines or single-purpose sewing machine. With that in mind, you can let your imagination run like crazy then with the SE600, you can bring those crazy ideas to life.

6 Embroidery Lettering:

Thinking of letterings? Well, whether capital or small letters, symbols or numbers, you have them all on this machine. With 6 varieties of embroidery letterings at your disposal, you have nothing to worry about.

Editing of Design:

Your designs can easily be customized as a result of this feature. Rotate images, mirror them, modify image or design sizes and so on.

Integrated Tutorials:

With a built-in tutorial made to educate newbies on how to use the machine, the SE600 can be very easy to use. In case you do not know, you can watch the tutorial via the LCD touch screen.

About The Accessories:

The SE600 comes laden with various kinds of accessories which makes the machine versatile and useful. These cool accessories make for improved sewing and embroidery skills of the user and the include:

1. Hoop For The Embroidery:

Equipped with a 4” x 4” space within which diverse designs can be made.

2. Assorted Sewing Feet:

The SE600 like others comes with various feet for different purposes. There are seven assortment of the feet and they include:

  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Monogramming Foot

3. Dust cover

4. Embroidery arm

5. Embroidery foot

6. 3 Bobbins (pre-wound)

7. Foot controller

8. USB cable

9. Twin needle

10. Darning plate

11. Foot controller

12. Accessory bag with two bobbins, tree bobbin clips, six-piece needle set, disk-shaped screwdriver, four spool caps, spool net, scissors, cleaning brush, power cord

13. English/Spanish operation manual and quick start guide

Product Information

The product information of the SE600 include:

Weight 11.82 pounds
Warranty 25 years limited parts; 1-year labor
Manufacturer Brother
Award 2018 Women’s Choice Award
Rating 9 out of 10 customers recommended the machine

Pros & Cons

To further make things interesting, we put together the following merits and demerits of the machine under review.

Since the merits outweigh the demerit, this means that the machine has a very good standing, so buy it without hesitation.



the machine can be used in sewing as well as embroidery designing making it easy for one to buy one machine for the two purposes instead of having to buy two different machines.

USB/PC connectivity:

This feature makes the easy for unlimited design download and importation. Which means you don’t need to buy a machine with more in-built designs like the SE625 since you can easily download so much more designs.

Full-Color LCD touchscreen:

this screen makes for limitless editing, preview or vetting designs before use, hence eliminating trial and error.

Portability and ease of storage:

Storing the machine does not require too much since it comes with a softcover and can be easily moved.


With only one demerit, the SE600 stands proud on the shelf as a machine to buy.

Cost – It comes with an added cost when compared to the SE400 which does not have so many cool features. It will be cool to add the extra bucks to purchase this machine.


Q: What Difference Exist Between The SE600 And SE625? Which Should I Buy And Why?

A: Well, we answer this question by referring you to our recent post: ‘Brother SE400 Vs SE600 Vs SE625: What Works?’ in which we dealt decisively with the topic.

There you will find out that both machines have some common features and slight differences. Concluding that post we told you that whichever one you buy depend on you.

The SE625 comes at a slightly higher price due to the increased number of in-built embroidery designs.

However, we also said that since the SE600 comes with USB connectivity, one can easily download myriads of designs which makes the in-built design, not an issue. Read the post for more and other FAQs.

Q: How to Embroider Using the Brother SE600:

Our Verdict

With reference to its 2018 award and good customer rating, Brother SE600 comes to you as the machine to beat. It adds extreme value to your fashion projects and highly recommended for both professional or beginner alike.

The SE600 is a great buy that worth every dollar spent on it. Do not fail to pick up one up.

Well, we know you enjoyed this post and wish to hear from you, so feel free to comment, ask questions or drop your suggestions in the comment box below. Finally, do share this post and rate it also.

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