Best Sting Proof Bee Suit, Best Bee Jacket with Veil for Sale

Bees can get wild if mishandled, and their sting can be deadly. There have been several occasions when people lost their lives due to attack by bees.

Thus, whether you practice apiculture-using flow hives, which minimize disturbance- or you are using the much-exposed Langstroth, you should wear protective gear at all times.

Moreover, even with the best smoker that money can buy, a beekeeper’s gloves, veil, and jacket remain vital necessities in the apiary. You need them at whatever cost.

In this post, helps you select the best sting proof bee suit. A suit, you must already know, comes handy when harvesting honey and it often includes a veil and a jacket.

Top Picks: Bees Sting Proof Bees Suit, Jacket, and Veil

We always endeavor to help you make the right decisions right from the time you set up an apiary to that moment when honey is ready for harvesting. Because of this, we did our home on the best bee sting proof suit-jacket and veil-and so, here are our top picks:

VIVO Professional White Medium/Large Beekeeping Suit with Jacket, Smock with Veil and Pull Over

With so many beekeeping suits from which to choose the best, we understand buyers can have a long day trying to make the right decisions. However, with VIVO’s costumes, there is nothing about which to worry.

We explored the bits and bytes of this suit, and it met our expectations on many aspects. First, the material is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about bee stings. The fabric will keep you fresh throughout and does not feel heavy on the body.

It has a hood that you can partially unzip when in use and you can zip it off when not in use. The good thing about VIVO bee suits is that they come in different sizes. Our selection comes with a large jacket, but you can also opt for extra-large variant depending on your needs.

Its measurement is size 42-inches from the waistband to the brim of the suit’s hat, 28-inches (shoulder-sleeve) and 26-inches (elastic waistband-hood zipper). Moreover, it has a 7-inch pocket which we believe is abundant storage space.

This beekeeper’s suit is hand washable; thus, it is easy to clean. And when it comes to protecting your arms, tightly fitting elastic wristband makes you sting proof. VIVO professional suit which jacket, pull over and the veil is very affordable and weighs only 1.39 pounds.

Humble Bee 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

When it comes to reviewing beekeeper’s accessories, we always want to give you wide-ranging choices on price, brand, and quality. Our next suit comes from Humble Bee, a renowned manufacturer and stocker of the best accessories money can buy.

So, here is the big question: Should you purchase Humble Bee 410 Polycotton suit with a round veil?

Well, we give this suit a nod of approval because, first, it has a self-supporting round veil. That is not to mention durable double-stitched pockets, heavy-duty zippers (brass), a case for carrying the suit (deluxe canvas).

Moreover, it is a perfect medium fit with the option of large, small, extra small, extra-large, and more.  It is suitable for both men and women and easy to clean, thanks to a removable veil.

For those who like to buy beekeeping accessories from Humble Bee, you already know that 10 percent from purchase proceeds go to NGOs that support local beekeepers. It is full-proof against bee sting and comfortable, thanks to a perfect cotton-synthetic fabric blend.

Natural Apiary Apiarist Jacket, Total protection, Non-flammable Fencing Veil-White

White veils are always a top choice among many apiarists, but that is not enough to explain why we landed on this one from Natural Apiary. First off, the manufacturer enjoys a massive reputation among beekeepers, thanks to its quality products. With this selection, you get value for your money, thanks to its strength and durability.

It is a durable blend of cotton and polyester. A thickness of 220 GSM protects you from bee stings even as you enjoy extra comfort that comes with putting on this suit from Natural Apiary.

It has a non-flammable mesh to protect you from fire hazards that may result from sudden flashes in the smoker.

The mesh on this suit allows for excellent visibility of the hive, thanks to a patent that emphasized quality.

Moreover, it is a product of bespoke craftsmanship in London, tailored in the best way possible; thanks to its industrial grade and Velcro grade material.

Natural Apiary Apiarist jacket is machine-washable, has durable YKK zippers which are sturdier than plastic and brass-offering extra protection against bee sting and corrosion. Now, you will not believe how affordable this suit is, a stark contrast to its amazing features.

Ultra Breeze Large Beekeeping Suit with Veil, 1-Unit (White)

Our next stop when looking for the best beekeepers suits is a white one from The Ultra Breeze. It does not pack a lot of features but based on our assessment; it is worth the money.

It is a product of excellent craftsmanship, featuring secure layers of fabric, durable brass zipper, and quality fabric (vinyl/polyester).

We tested this suit because of which we can categorically state that it offers extra protection against bee sting.

Moreover, with this suit, you have an assurance of extra comfort when harvesting honey. You can choose small, extra-small, large, and other available sizes.

However, we noted it costs a little more than the above suits. Weighing only 3.85 pounds, you have one of the lightest suits in the market.

Mann Lake Economy Beekeepers suit, extra-large, self-supporting veil

A review featuring beekeepers accessories yet fails to mention Mann Lake; a top manufacturer of the best products would be incomplete.

But that’s not the point. We wanted to make sure that of all suits from Mann Lake, you have the best one for the money. So, what do you get with this new giant suit?

Well, apart from having a self-supporting veil, this suit has heavy-duty ankle zippers. It is an assurance of all-body protection. The self-supporting veil is collapsible and has two fabric layers on the back, offering more stability when in use.

Mann Lake Economy Beekeepers suit is very affordable yet provides extraordinary quality for buyers. It is 40 percent polyester and 60 percent cotton, which, in our view, is a perfect blend of fabric. It has an elastic thumb hold for keeping its sleeve down, flexible ankles and wrists for extra protection. This suit is lightweight at only 3.44 pounds.

Complete Beekeepers Suit Helmet with Pants Gloves

Our next stop was a beekeepers suit from Pest Mail, another reputed manufacturer of top quality products for apiarists. With this complete helmet suit, you get more than what you need to stay safe when harvesting honey.

It is also ideal for controlling pests such as wasps. It is very affordable since it costs less than $$$.

However, as opposed to the above suits, you will have to email the seller when making an order. You can check the details on the preferred eCommerce platform. You should indicate whether you need small, large, extra-large, or any other befitting size for it to ship.

We also noted that the suit is trendy among apiarists going by the number of requests it registers every other day.

You should, therefore, proceed with confidence, to make a purchase now.

Humble Bee 420, Aero Beekeepers suit with a round veil

We fell in love with beekeepers suits from Humble Bee, and you will love it too. Their perfect fit is one of the many reasons why they are trendy among buyers.

With less than $$$, you will have got yourself the ideal suit anyone would wish to have. And the fact that you can choose from varying sizes is another reason we find Humble Bee suits worth the money.

It is well-ventilated, a feature that comes alongside a self-supporting round veil. It has durable pockets (Polycotton), a canvas storage case and heavy-duty zippers (brass). Elastic waist, wrist, and ankles make this suit from Humble Bee a perfect choice for apiarists looking for extra protection. On top of this, it has foot and thumb holds.

Moreover, when you put money on this suit, which is 100 percent synthetic, you have an assurance of comfort, proper ventilation, and protection against bee stings. It keeps you fresh in hot weather.

It is an excellent fit for both men and women, not to mention its removable veil that is easy to clean. Like we indicated earlier, when you buy suits from Humble Bee, 10 percent of the proceeds go towards supporting local beekeepers.

Other features include double-stitched front pockets for extra storage, ballistic tool pockets (nylon) and a mesh that rotates 360 degrees-offering you unobstructed view when harvesting honey.

Eco-Keeper Professional Grade Bee Suits, XX-large with a round hood veil

You can always choose the best from among beekeeper’s suits in the market, but we considered many other things before settling on this one from Eco-keeper.

Based on our valuation of its features, putting money on this suit gives you a chance to try one of the best accessories in the market.

It has a stylish rounded veil for a 360 degrees view without interruption. The measures are the right fit for someone looking for XX-large suit.

A height of 6.3 inches and a weight of 198-230 pounds make it an ideal selection for many beekeepers that need extra space and comfort.

It weighs only 2.11 pounds, and so far, it is the cheapest suit in this review. You will not regret putting money on this accessory because it provides extra protection against bee sting, which is the main reason for having one anyway.

Aspectek-Apiarist Beekeeping Full Body Suit with self-supporting veil and fixable strap

A little deviation from popular brands is always worth the risk. It is why; after reviewing several brands of beekeepers’ suits, we also tested a not-so-popular name but equally worth the money. Aspectek Apiarist Beekeeping suit is a full-body gear with a self-supporting veil. Moreover, with a fixable strap, what more do you need?

Well, we did the homework and discovered its many other amazing features. First off, you can choose from varying sizes such as medium, large, and extra-large. It is collapsible, hence easy to store, yet very affordable. When comparing the costs, it is one of the cheapest in this review, going for less than $$.

The veil has a fixable strap, offering your face extra protection against bee stings. Moreover, it has foot and thumb holds that prevent sleeves from rolling up when in use. You do not want to keep only rolling up the sleeves when handling bees because these insects can be sneaky at times.

Its earth color gives you more protection since it does not attract the attention of bees. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, it is the most lightweight in this review

How to Choose?

Now, here is a vital question you should ask before putting money on a sting proof bee suit? How do you choose the best? Well, there are factors to consider before putting money on a bee suit for the money, and they include:


A good suit should not be too tight or too loose to let make you feel uncomfortable or let in bees stings. Take a quick look at our reviews once more, and you will note that we emphasized size. Make sure to choose between small, medium, large, extra-large, or any other befitting size.

Ventilation And Perfect View

Another factor to consider before putting money on a bee suit is ventilation. Does it let in fresh air or you struggle when inside it? Also, do you have a good view of the hive? When the answer is in the affirmative, you have the perfect suit.


When harvesting honey, you need more than a protective suit with veil. It is also essential to have one that has pockets. You will need some accessories more often than others. Take, for example, the uncapping knife which should be closest to you as possible, and pockets in your suit make for perfect storage space in this regard.

Fabric Strength And Weight

The best suits for beekeepers should also be durable and lightweight. These are features we emphasized when reviewing selected products. Spend money on a costume that will last longer and will not add extra baggage on your body when in use.


Amount of money you are willing to spend on beekeepers’ suit also play significance. There are suits under $50, under $100, under $150 and more. You make the decision depending on your financial potential. You should, however, note that in most cases, suits that cost have more features. [1]

Washing Bee Suits and Veils

When it comes to washing bee suits, you should go about it the right way. Ask questions, then do the right thing. For example, are they hand or machine washable? Well, based on our experience, here is our free advice:

  • You should give wash gloves using cold water, then hang them to dry under a shade.
  • Remove the veil from the suit then machine washes it with cold water.
  • Depending on whether a suit is cotton, Polycotton, or vinyl, always check instruction labels to find out the preferred mode of washing.

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Q: Why Are Most Bee Suits White?

A: Ever wondered why bee suits are white? Well, the answer is simple. According to research, animals that pose a threat to a hive are not white. Thus, white veils and suits do not attract angry honey bees when they feel attacked.

Q: Are Bee Suits 100 Percent Sting Proof?

A: Well, we cannot guarantee that all suits are 100 percent sting proof, but we can say, having one on will protect you from deadly stings of angry honey bees. It is why; beekeepers’ suits have several layers of fabric and zippers to offer you extra protection. [2]

Q: From Your Review, Which Is The Best Suit For Apiarists?

A: If we put the price of the suits aside, we would say, Humble Bee 420, Aero Beekeepers suit with a round veil takes the lead. Natural Apiary Apiarist Jacket, Total protection, Non-flammable Fencing Veil-White follows closely in the second position.

However, you should remember, every suit presents buyers with unique features, and we made sure to review only the best in the market.

In Summary

In the end, we aim to help buyers make the right decisions when shopping in leading e-Commerce stores. Thus, we ask, did you find the best sting proof bee suit for the money?

Do you like the veil and other properties? How does it outshine the rest in this review? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Moreover, feel free to share this review across social media platforms. Help a friend find the best beekeepers’ suits at affordable process today.

Their experience and opinions, together with yours, help us continue doing the excellent work of providing readers with in-depth and professional product reviews.

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