Top 10 best Fences for Goats, Cows, Horses, and Sheep 2021

Fences serve many different purposes in farming. They protect, demarcate boundaries and confine animals to one area.

Fencing may affect production and, therefore, one should plan it carefully. Fences can be permanent or temporary.

Permanent fences are of strong materials and can last for many years whereas temporary fences stay in a place within a short period.

Temporary fences don’t need a sturdy construction. They require less expensive materials.

However, it doesn’t matter which type you would want to construct. You should carefully consider usage and maintenance cost before making a purchase decision.

What to Consider While Selecting the Fence?

  • What borders a fence gives you a hint on the type of fence you will need.
  • Livestock may try to cross over to the opposite side to have a taste of green crops in a farm nearby.
  • A horse will try to jump over a fence and sustains an injury in the process.
  • Sheep and goats are notorious escapists that would want to use any exit in the farm in search of freedom.
  • Try to construct a fence that will not harm your livestock.

Fences also define our boundaries. They promote peace within the neighborhood.

Best Fences for Goats, Cows, Horses, and Sheep:

Tenax Deer Control Fence

If you are looking for the most effective remedy for deer invasion of your crops, then our first product review may very be the ultimate solution.

This heavy-duty fence serves as a barrier. It prevents deers from invading yards and gardens.

Deers can jump up to eight feet high. You will find this fence in selected, premium and professional grades.

Features and Details

  • It is non-corrosive.
  • It has a color that makes it virtually invisible.
  • The fence is UV resistant. Thus, it is a strong product that can last up to 10 years or more.
  • It is a product from the USA and has a breaking load of 600+ Lbs.
  • The durable plastic material is easy to fold into different shapes due to its flexibility.

This fence is easy to install. You don’t need any experience.

It is attractive, durable, substantial and does not to stretch or wrinkle easily.

The fence is large enough to reach the top of every garden wall.

If you wish to set up a quick enclosure, this product is surely going to put a smile on your face.

Easy Gardener LG400171 7-by-100-Foot Deer Barrier Fencing

Imagine the feeling in offering your crops protection while at the same time decorating your garden.

This is the easiest and safest way to give your garden long-term protection.

You will note the complete absence of deer on your farm after installation.


The deer fence has a protective mesh covering. It can serve as a fence, border or plant cover.

The black mesh netting is ideal enough to protect shrubs and vegetables from deer and other browsing animals.

Features and Details

  • The deer fence is UV-treated and can last for many years in the harshest of environments. It is ideal for marking property lines and is reusable.
  • The lightweight deer barrier is rust-free and non-corrosive. It doesn’t rot.
  • The fence is 7 ft high by 100 ft wide. This is for easy attachment to posts and trees.
  • It is economical; it is a DIY deer fencing.

Purchasers cannot withhold tears of joy after going for this fencing technique.


The best way to keep off intruding rabbits, pests and other varmints from accessing your garden are to install this fence.

All reviews about this product are quite amazing. Apart from being effective, you will love its appearance.

It’s a general-purpose fence which protects your seedlings and can also make a great compost bin

Features and Details

  • It consists of a highly-durable, 16 gauge steel that is galvanized. This makes it last for a very long time.
  • In addition to this, it has a vinyl coating that offers it more protection from rust.
  • Unlike other fences that lack painting, this one has a dark green color which blends into any environment.
  • The fence has mesh boxes which are smaller at the base and wider at the top to take care of different animal sizes that may get into your garden.
  • It is lightweight, flexible and economical.

Premier 35” Electric Sheep Net Fence

Electric fences are effective in keeping away predators because they work psychologically even without a physical barrier.

Premier yellow electric sheep net fence is visible to both animals and people.

It controls sheep, goats and other small livestock. This excludes poultry.

It repels predators such as coyotes, dogs, foxes, and bears when properly energized.

Features and Details

  • Its installation takes the shortest time possible.
  • You must energize the fence properly for effective results. Even though it doesn’t come with an energizer, it is recommendable to apply about 2.5 joules of energizer per roll of fence.
  • Power clip at the end of the net brings together many rolls of the net.
  • Complete with PVC posts pre-fitted into the fence at intervals of 13.5 inches.

Uses of Premier Electric Sheep Fence

It creates sizeable pastures for animals which need special care such as injured or stressed animals, nannies with triplets, ewes and does.

It is effective for beehive protection to drive away livestock and other predators.

It can also serve as an interim fence before construction of a permanent fence. It ensures each moving animal is in its lane.

With this type of fence, you can protect your outdoor hay supplies. Effective in striping paddocks, vineyards, and orchards.

Safety and Precautions

Anything using electricity can be very dangerous. Instead of being a physical barrier, electric fence is turning out to be a deadly, painful barrier.

An animal may entangle itself to death while trying to escape from the farm.

If you are putting the animals in the net for the first time, you should be able to watch over them from a distance.

In case an animal gets into the fence and suffers electrocution, you can turn off the main switch and free the animal.

Dry weather and winter affect electric fences’ effectiveness. Heavy snow causes damage to the netting by making it flatten.

Post spikes may bend or even break in a dry or frozen ground especially when they are inserted by force.

In hard grounds, you can use single spike posts. But in soft grounds, double spike posts give more stability.

Premier 42” Electric Goat Net Fence

If you are thinking about owning goats, then this guide should be your number one priority.

This is because it has detailed illustrations on how to control goats, manage their feeding habits and predation.

Goats also need protection just like sheep. Predators such as wolves, bears, and cougars can feast on goats.

Factors to Consider Before Designing a Goat Fence

It is not always easy to contain goats within a fenced grazing area. Sometimes they give the fences a test by rubbing their bodies against it or force their way through the wires. (pdf file)

Goats can jump over a fence when they notice crops to destroy on the other side of the farm.

Before setting up a goat fence consider:

  • The type of fence you want to install.
  • The characteristic behavior of the animal.
  • Your decision on whether to keep your animals in and lockout predators.

Goat fence requires close spacing and should be high enough to guard against jumping goats.

Aluminum or steel are the best options for setting up this fence.

Fence Chargers

Keeping goats safely is everyone’s priority. A fence charger should be able to maintain about 5000 volts on the fence line.

The type of vegetation on the fence line, fence length, and type of wire both affects the level of voltage.

Areas prone to attacks from predators such as wolves and coyotes need higher voltage on the fence line.

Uses of Electric Goat Fence

  • Prevents goats from destroying newly planted trees and vegetable gardens.
  • Isolates bucks from the herd during gestation and kidding.
  • Helps in herd movement from one paddock to another. It also helps in dividing the paddocks further to facilitate grazing.
  • Keeps sick or injured herd separate, creating enough time for healing.
  • Keeps goats in one area to help in weed control e.g. goats can browse on lantana

Installing an Electric Goat Fence

It doesn’t take even a single drop of sweat in setting up an electric fence. You don’t need an electrician because it comes with a complete kit. (pdf)

Inside the kit is a strong goat fencing of the desired length, sturdy poles attaching themselves to the fence.

The high-quality solar energizer adds some value to this amazing kit.

This energizer makes it easy for you to pitch your fence anywhere around your homestead. You don’t need a power extension or heavy lead batteries.

Begin by identifying where your gate will be. You can look for a design that blends in well in your yard.

Maintain the grass length at the bottom of your fence to help in sealing the space that may help goats to escape.

Premier ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence

The 35 inches tall electronic does not allow livestock, coyotes, and dogs to penetrate through it.

It has large white plastic vertical struts to reduce fence sag.

Features and Details

  • Presence of white plastic vertical struts every 12 inches give this netting additional support and reduces fence sagging.
  • It features 9 horizontal strands out of which eight are electrified. Lowest horizontal strand is non-electrified to prevent fence grounding.
  • There is the building of PVC posts with 6 inches single metal spikes into the mesh every 12.5ft. Recommend non-conductive support posts at the edges and corners.
  • It has impenetrable mesh fencing for livestock.

Uses of an ElectroNet Netting Fence

It creates small pastures for animals that need special care such as injured or stressed animals.

It is helpful for beehive protection. It is effective in installing water gaps that work.

It can act as a temporary fence before installing a more precise fence. The fence works also work great in a snowy environment.

The roll is complete with all posts; what remains is to unfold it and erect the posts.

Family Portable Livestock Electric Net Fence

Livestock farming requires total attention as you invest your energy, time and resources to achieve good results.

You can set it up around brush patches to facilitate easy movements for goats.

Features and Details

  • It is suitable for temporary fencing.
  • The fence is quicker to assemble and disassemble than conventional electric fences.
  • It is bright orange for easy visibility.
  • This is a great option for goat, sheep, horse and other livestock.

Always keep electric fences free from vegetation. Weeds and grass touching the wires will reduce voltage rendering your fence less effective.


You can always take sensible precautions to ensure you are using the fence safely.

Never install the fence on trees. The wire should not come into contact with wet grass.

Do not set up the fence near your pasture or other combustible materials. This may cause a fire. Control tall grass under the fence using a weed killer.

Be careful when choosing the energizer. The higher the energizer power is the easier the fence will discharge to the pasture.

Premier ElectroStop Goat & Sheep Electric Fence

Farmers who practice rotational grazing will find this product helpful.

It is suitable for keeping sheep, goats and guard dogs while keeping off predators such as coyotes and stray dogs.

The fence gives out its best on flat ground.

Features and Details

  • This fence has large white plastic vertical struts at intervals of 12 inches which promote less fence sagging versus string verticals.
  • It is very easy to install and move. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up a roll of netting.
  • Netting is 164’ per roll. You can connect multiple rolls of netting.
  • The black and white colors make it visible to both humans and animals during the day and at night.
  • The electroStop fence has a tinned copper conductor. This makes it 10 times more conductive than fences with only stainless steel conductors.
  • Farmers should, however, note that this fence is not recommendable in poultry keeping.
  • This fence doesn’t come with an energizer. It is advisable to recommend approximately 25 joules of energizer per roll of fence.

For this fence to be more effective, you should energize it properly. Do not use continuous current energizers with electric netting.

Red Brand 12.5 Gauge Horse Fence

When we talk about horses, we see powerful animals that compete to win races.

They have the habit of fleeing when in danger. This makes them more susceptible to injuries than other farm animals.

A horse fence should be strong enough to prevent them from roaming. Moreover, it should be able to withstand horsepower whenever it runs into it.

Red Brand Manufacturers sell good quality wire that is famous for its durability.

Features and Details

  • Comprises of a wire knot that connects vertical and horizontal wires firmly, preventing the fence from sagging.
  • It has a spacing of 2” X 4” between the vertical and horizontal wires.
  • Tight mesh restricts the movement of horses and keeps away intruders from accessing the enclosure.
  • It features 12.5 Gauge, galvanized steel and the 10 gauge wire that fortifies both top and bottom lines.
  • Its life expectancy is great. It can serve generations to generations.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Horse Fence

Horse safety should be the topmost objective when selecting a suitable fence for your horse.

Horses are prone to fatal injuries. An effective fence should be able to reduce this risk.

Construction of this fence is mainly of mesh. The mesh constitutes weaving wire and sealing the wire intersections by use of knots.

Proper designing of these wires provide stability and security.

The mesh openings should be small enough so as not to capture horses’ hooves. This prevents the horse from climbing the fence, avoiding destruction.

Wire mesh fence also protects the pasture from pests invasion.

Benefits of a Horse Fence

  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The side of the knot is smooth preventing unnecessary cuts to the horse hides.
  • The fence is a permanent solution to predatory attacks and other intruders. This is because of its reliable strength.
  • It is an affordable fencing technique that offers centuries of good security.
  • This farm fence wins the hearts of horse owners because delivery focuses on quality and customer satisfaction.

Premier Deer and Livestock Electric Netting Fence

It takes time and resources to install this electric fence.

To get everything right you have to be accurate when planning this fencing technique.

By installing this, you will be having peace of mind whenever you are not in the field next to your livestock.

Below are some of the tips on what to look for in a livestock netting fence to assist you to choose the best and most probably start shopping.

Features and Details

Assembling and dissembling this type of fence is easier compared to any other electric fences.

It is the best option for livestock including sheep, goats, cattle, dogs, and horses. It is bright orange for easy visibility.

This electric fence consists of vertical struts that create uniform lengths between poly wires. You will no longer have to measure the lengths by yourself.

Presence of a mechanical barrier makes it difficult for sows to force themselves through.

By bringing together many rolls of netting, it takes a few minutes to install this fence.

The fence has a double spike that goes into the ground for extra support.

Factors to Consider when Setting up a Livestock Electric Fence

  • It is advisable to keep electric fences off vegetation. Weeds and tall grass coming into contact with the wires reduce voltage thus rendering your fence less effective.
  • It is equally important to perform routine maintenance to minimize grass/weed load on the fence and reduce energy drain.
  • Do not use continuous current energizers with electric netting. The manufacturer recommends a Premier Solar or AC/DC energizer that accommodates all your needs.
  • Use only low or wide impedance, intermittent pulse energizers.


  • A simple fence is easy to install and use.
  • It is the best suggestion for goat keepers.
  • With this, you get value for your money.
  • You can connect multiple rolls of netting.


  • The nets may capture the brush.
  • The netting may bend or hang downwards due to posts coming off the spikes.
  • The fence doesn’t have an energizer. You have to install a compatible energizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which energizer do I purchase to run the deer fence?

the type of energizer depends on the size of the deer fence.

Q. How do you access your garden? Do you need a separate gate?

Just overlap the fence at the entrance and use three removable clips to secure it. Whenever you want to enter the fenced area, remove the clips and fold the fence back.

Q. What is the difference between Easy Gardener Foot Deer Barrier and the Deer Barrier fencing?

The easy gardener has a lightweight and is easy to install. The deer barrier is fencing has a thicker plastic, making the roll heavier and harder to install.


Goats being the most notorious for giving fences a trial, you should, therefore, build your fence tall enough to stop them from escaping.

Sheep are equally notorious escapists but are poor climbers. They need a strong fence with proper fencing requirements.

Similarly, horses often jump over fences. Horse breeding requires strong, tall and sturdy fencing.

A Cattle fence is appropriate, especially where the farmer practices rotational feeding program.

Make a decision when preparing to secure your farm. Make sure your choice fulfills the needs of your farm.

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