Best Honey Extractor for the Money (Electric & Manual)

Beekeeping is a fun pastime activity for those who partake in it to produce homegrown honey.

However, if you would like to venture into apiculture for commercial purposes, the sweetness of honey is guarantee only to apiarists who know how to extract it the right way. It is why; for easy harvesting, you need the best honey extractor for the money.

In our previous post about beekeeping, we hope you were able to locate a supplier of the best apiary accessories.

Are you looking for an electric or manual extractor? Would you like to know the difference between tangential and radial extractors? Are you ready to choose the best extractor for honey from our top picks? has the details in this review, so dive in to find out more.

Advantages of Owning a Honey Extractor

There are crude ways of harvesting honey, which will not give you much as much harvest as you would wish to have. Then there are professional ways of extracting honey. [1]

In this review, we emphasize using honey extractors. If you ask why you should own one, we sampled the following advantages to keep you aware:

  • A honey extractor makes harvesting honey from honeycombs easy and saves time.
  • There is also less wastage of honey during spinning as every drop gets into the bucket.
  • Owning an extractor is a long-term investment for apiarists looking to produce honey for commercial purposes.
  • Extractors provide beekeepers with onsite processing, storage, and packaging of freshly harvested honey.

Top 10 Best Honey Extractors (Electric and Manual):

When choosing the best honey extractors for this review, we zeroed into manual and electric variants. This, we believe, will give apiarists reading this post as many options as they would like to have when shopping. Look at this review of our top picks.

Vivo New Large 2-Frame, Stainless Steel Manual Crank Honey Extractor –Ss Honeycomb Spinner Model (Bee-V002)

Our search for the best honey extractor means we had to test different models from various manufacturers. Our first stop was VIVO and the company’s manual 2-frame extractor caught our attention.

It is a spinner model, but that was nothing compared to a huge extraction drum measuring 24-incheshigh by 15 inches wide. That is enough storage space for a lot of honey.

We also noted that VIVO 2-frame BEE-V002 is a perfect fit for shallow, medium and deep honeycomb frames. A clear Plexiglas lid makes it even more outstanding because you will watch honey spin to the bottom of the drum as you extract it from the comb.

An elevated honey gate makes it possible to extract honey without having to tip the barrel. While twenty pounds seems like a lot of weight to carry around, the extractor offers extra stability when in use and is durable.

If VIVO large manual honey extractor is something on which you would like to put money, you should also note that a 1-year product warranty is fair enough to cushion you against repairs and maintenance for the next 12 months.

While VIVO honey extractors are very affordable. Fine stainless and smooth finish plus technical support any day is among other reasons that made us choose the company’s 2-frame Manual SS-Honeycomb spinner model.

GOPLUS Manual 2-Frame Honey Extractor, Pro Extraction, Stainless Steel

Another 2-frame honey extractor that caught our attention is this one from GOPLUS. While GOPLUS may not be as popular as Mason Bee House, its extractors are some of the best based on test use. Our pick has a strong stainless steel build, assuring you of durability.

It is affordable hence, a great option if you are looking to save money and time.

We also noted that GOPLUS 2-frame like our first pick has a spacious holding capacity. The fact that it fits into shallow, deep and medium frames is a plus. You will not only save time but energy using it.

As you extract raw honey from freshly harvested combs, you can view it as it spins down the drum, thanks to a clear drum lid. Putting money on this extractor means you will take home one of the easiest-to-use honey extractors. It comes with a user manual, guiding you every step of the way.

Another feature that impressed us is a rotating handle fitting on GOPLUS 2-frame manual honey extractor. Weighing only 22 pounds, and price less than $$$, we are more than convinced that it is worth the money.

Goodland Bee Supply HE2MOT, Beekeeping Stainless Steel Drum, 2-Frame with Motorized Extractor

While you will be looking to save money with this great 2-frame honey extractor from Goodland Bee Supply, we narrowed down to its features and found out the following:

  • Like VIVO 2-frame BEE-V002, it has a clear Plexiglass giving you a clear view of extracted honey as it spines down the drum.
  • It is not very voluminous-measuring 11 inches wide and 17 inches tall- but we do think that is enough storage for a good amount of honey.
  • It is durable, thanks to stainless steel construction.
  • Running on 110-voltage power input, Goodland’s HE2MOT 2-frame extractor is our first motorized/electric accessory in this review.
  • It allows for easy unload honey, thanks to leg fittings.

Goodland’s HE2MOT 2-frame extractor weighs a little more than our first two picks. However, there is no doubt that 37 pounds offer more stability to an apiarist.

Mann Lake Hh160 Stainless 6/3 Frame Hand Crank Extractor-No Legs

How could we forget Mann Lake bee supplies? Well, not when we want to review the best extractors from top manufacturers.

Mann Lake is a leading supplier of beekeeping accessories. Its HH160 hand crank extractor caught our attention because most buyers say it lasts long. 26-gauge stainless steel construction is a testament to this fact.

It accommodates deep, medium and deep frames, making it one of the handiest honey extractors in the market.

Moreover, it has a 1.5-inches honey gate. The holding drum measures 26.5 inches high and 18-inches wide, and we think that is voluminous enough to contain lots of honey during extraction.

Mann Lake HH160 is a manual extractor and quite weighty at 24 pounds. The only disadvantage that comes with choosing this accessory for your apiary is the cost.

It is quite pricey compared to the first three picks in this review.

Hardin Professional Manual Honey Extractor-3-Frame

When choosing the best honey extractors for this review, we also factored in the simplicity of use and construction. That is how we ended with this one from Hardin. It does not pack many features but is worth the money.

Hardin Manual honey extractor is a professional handy accessory with 3-frames. It comes with a stand and an optional leg. It is also durable, thanks to 16-gauge stainless steel construction. The gear is also stainless and features sealed bearings.

Weighing 26 pounds, there is not a lot of baggage to complain about when moving this extractor from one beehive to the next-that is if you like tasting honey right at the source.

However, it is not one of the cheapest options available, albeit, a lifetime warranty makes it worth the money.

Goodland Bee Supply, 2-Frame Extractor, GL-E2-TK1, With Beginners Toolkit

Not every honey extractor is for professional apiarists. Thus, we also factored in the need to review those make it easy for beginners to harvest sweet raw honey with great ease.

That is how we ended up choosing Goodland GL-E2-TK1, a beginner’s 2-frame extractor with excellent features. It is a manual extractor, featuring accessories with laser branding.

When you put money on this product, the package comes with the following:

  • Frame spacer and smoker
  • Uncapping knife
  • Frame grip
  • One metal handle hive and one wooden handle hive tool.
  • Uncapping Roller

It is the policy of Goodland to supply apiaries with necessary beekeeping accessories. That is the case with this 2-frame extractor. It is a complete package, more than your bargain.

XtremepowerUS 2-Frame Honey Extractor, Drum, Uncapping Knife-Stainless Steel

XtremepowerUS honey extractor with two frames is silver in color and weighs 26 pounds.  It features stainless steel construction, hence durable. Putting money on this 2-frame honey extractor is a great bargain because while it packs quite amazing features. also thinks XtremepowerUS honey extractor is a great choice because a drum capacity of 31 inches high and 16 inches wide holds quite a lot of honey.

Also, while it does not trounce most of the above picks, the fact that it fits into medium, shallow and deep frames makes it a competitive selection for this review.

Best Choice Products-2-Frame Honey Extractor, Stainless Steel Construction

With a stainless steel finish, the next beekeeping accessory we review is a 2-frame honey extractor from Best Choice Products. It is easy to clean. It has metallic crank inside that spins baskets efficiently and smoothly when in use.

It weighs 21 pounds, which is portable. The simple construction of this extractor makes it an ideal addition to a beginner’s beekeeping toolkit.

When using this extractor, you will have to flip its frames. However, you can either choose to order one with a conical or flat bottom.

Little Giant Farm &Ag- EXT2SS, Stainless Steel, 2-Frame Honey Extractor

If you are looking for a 2-frame tangential extractor that will make harvesting of honey easy, then our pick from Little Giant Farm &Ag is an ideal choice.

It features a superior quality build, thanks to 18/10 steel gauge. It is also a great fit medium and steel frame.

Moreover, when using this extractor, a Plexiglas provides you with a clear view of honey as it spins down the holding drum. We also wanted to mention that the package comes with a honey gate, legs, and cover.

It is affordable for those looking for an extractor under $$$$ and a weight of 24 pounds makes this 2-frame extractor quite portable.

MAXANT 3100P Power Honey Extractor Review:

How to Choose the Best Honey Extractor?

When it comes to choosing the best honey extractor, there are vital factors to keep in mind. Here is a look at some of them.


The cost of an extractor is directly proportional to its quality. Whether you choose something cheap, affordable or expensive, make sure it has the best features. Remember, manufacturers, price their products differently.

Mode of operation

Another factor to consider when shopping for honey extractors is the mode of operation. It refers to the arrangement of frames and the way they spin in the drum. Do you need a tangential or radial extractor?

Alternatively, would you prefer a manual extractor to an electric one? Well, we help you with a comparison in the tables below.

Tangential vs. Radial Honey Extractor:

Tangential ExtractorRadial Extractor
It is cheapIt is quite costly
Suitable for beginner apiarist who does not produce a lot of honeyIdeal for the commercial beekeeper with many beehives from which to extract honey
You have to remove the frames and spin each side at a time, hence not very efficient for large apiariesRadial extractors are highly effective because they spin more frames within a short duration.

Manual vs. Electric Honey Extractor:

Manual ExtractorElectric Extractor
Manual extractors do not cost a lot of moneyElectrical honey extractors are quite costly
Saves you energy costDependant on electric power hence could raise your power bills
Because you are controlling the speed with your hands, manual extractors do not damage honeycombsWhile electric extractors are fast and easy to operate, you should take care not to damage honeycombs.
Not suitable for commercial apiculturists/apiaristsAn ideal choice for those who practice commercial beekeeping

How to Use a Honey Extractor

If you have never used a honey extractor, do not worry. We put together a comprehensive guide to help you get along with experienced apiarists. [2]

Step 1

The first step is ensuring that the extractor is stable. If yours does not have legs/stand, put on a flat surface.

You do not want to lose all the honey you will have harvested when the drum accidentally tumbles and spill all it contains.

Step 2

Get the frames from the beehive, but first, smoke out bees. Take caution not to overdo it, lest it affects the taste of natural raw honey.

Step 3

Are you ready with the frames? Well, head over to the processing zone and start the extraction process of spinning as much juice as possible.

Step 4

In step 4, melt or cut off caps from the frames. Take care not to tear bee wax from the frame foundation. Honeybees can reuse their honeycombs many times over.

Step 5

Put the frames inside the honey extractor and spin it. A centrifugal force that results from the spin ensures complete extraction of all the honey. Like step 4, make sure the foundation remains intact.

Step 6

In step six, you are ready to taste the first raw natural sweet honey. Open the gate of the extractor after collecting a considerable amount of honey and let it drip through a screen filter into a collecting basket.

Step 7

Your honey is ready! Leave it in the bucket for a while so that bubbles can rise to the upper part. This helps improve its quality, after which, it is ready for packing and labeling.


Q: How Do I Use A Spinner To Extract Honey?

A: With a quality spinner, extracting honey from the frames should not be a problem. All you need is a hot knife you will use to cut wax caps from the combs, a collection bucket, a strainer, cookie sheet, and a strainer.

Once you have the honeycombs ready, uncap them using the hot knife then put the frames into a bucket. Close the lid then open the honey gate. Now, use your honey extractor to spin every drop out of the frames.

Q: How Do I Clean My Honey Extractor?

A: When it comes to cleaning your honey extractor, following these steps:

  • Tightly shut the honey gate.
  • Title the drum/bucket to remove honey residue. This should take a few minutes at a temperature higher than 35 degrees. Leave it overnight.
  • Close the honey gate then fill the unit with cold water. Leave it overnight.
  • Drain the water, and then use fresh clean water for rinsing. Use a clean cloth, preferably a towel or a hairdryer to wipe it clean.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we always want you to spend money on the best honey extractor, which is the subject of this review from For us, giving you as many options as possible makes it easy to compare competitive selections from different manufacturers. We also factored in different price ranges when composing this review to help you pick an extractor that will not leave a dent in your pocket.

Also, whether you are looking for a low cost or pricey product, the best should serve its purpose, last long and with enough holding capacity. Nothing feels good like being the first person to taste raw honey, which is why a good extractor is worth all the money so that no drop remains in the honeycomb.

Do you have anything you would wish to add to this review of the best honey extractors? Share your opinions, suggestions, and views in the comment section below. Remember to help your friends find the best product for the money by sharing this post across social media platforms.

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