Top 8 Best Bee Hive Covers to Know in 2021

There is no doubt that beekeeping is a fascinating and lucrative venture for anyone to undertake. Bees are feared by people because of their sting but they can be hospitable if they are handled properly. If you want to start beekeeping, you must get a beehive that acts as a link between humans and bees.

Beekeepers also understand the importance of protecting a colony using different components and tools. That is where hive covers for beehives come in. Hive covers are one of the four major beehive components.

The other components of a beehive include the supers, the frames, and the bottom board. Hive covers are quite useful in beekeeping because they act as a protective roof which keeps the rain out among other elements. They are usually available as either outer or inner cover.

As the name suggests, the outer bee hive cover protects the beehive from extreme weather. The outer cover is a waterproof material that protects the wood from extreme weather. There are two different types of outer covers namely;

  • the shallow outer cover which is water-resistant and metallic
  • the telescoping outer cover that fits over the inner cover

On the other hand, we have an inner cover which acts as additional insulation. This is a shallow tray that comes fitted with holes that cover the front side of the hive super as a ventilation source. Also, it comes in a round and square shape with two holes, with one used for the entrance.

The second hole is used in the middle. One alternative to this inner cover is the screened inner cover which is widely used compared to the normal ones. The other alternative is the hive top feeder.

It is in the 1800s that hive covers were first documented. These hive covers were effective in protecting beehives. Thanks to improved technology, you can find hive covers that are modern and well-improved.

Today, you can find hive covers that come in different selections and differ in terms of their design, functionality, and sizes. As such, it can be confusing for someone to choose the best hive covers. We have made the job simpler for you by compiling the following list of best hive covers to buy this year.

Mann Lake WW754 10-Frame Garden Hivery Cover

Mann Lake is a reputable beekeeping supplier with more than 31 years of experience in the industry. So, you can feel safe that their hive covers are of top-notch quality. One of their products to feature on this list of best hive covers is none other than Mann Lake WW754 10-Frame Garden Hivery Cover.

The Mann Lake WW754 refers to a hive cover that is designed for a 10-frame hive. Measuring 23.25 x 20 x 5.75 inches this decorative telescoping cover is constructed from copper-colored anodized aluminum. This ensures that the cover does not patina overtime thus saving you money on repair costs.

Mann Lake WW754 can withstand chilling snowfall as well as heavy rainfall. Also, the WW754 is quite simple to assemble.

BEE Hive Wooden Inner Cover

Bee Hive Wooden Inner Cover by Toughtimbers is among the best hive covers available on the market. Additionally, the Toughtimbers Bee Hive Wooden Inner Cover is a big brand too. This is an inner cover that is used between the top box and the hive top.

It is made from top-notch quality materials which are resistant and highly durable. Also, the Bee Hive Wooden Inner cover which weighs 5 pounds is easy to use and install. The benefit of this inner cover which is designed for 10 frame bee hives is that it offers extra protection from extreme conditions which may be harmful to your bees.

Harvest Lane Honey Beehive Inner Cover

Harvest Lane Honey Beehive Inner Cover has a simple design but it offers great functionality. This is a custom inner hive cover which protects the colony from insects and other predator and prevents bees from building comb inside the hive lid. Harvest Lane Honey Beehive Inner Cover is a full wood cover and frame which is used between the top box and the hive top.

Additionally, the inner cover acts as a feeding board. Thanks to the high-quality material which is used to construct it, this inner cover is made to be resistant and durable. This cover comes in handy in case you want to prevent the top from crushing the bees.

Beehive 8 Frame Inner Cover

The Beehive 8 Frame Inner Cover is made using groove and tongue construction as well as premium exterior wood glue. This hive cover comes with a notch at the front which allows for ventilation and entrance of bees at the top. As the name suggests, this inner cover fits 8 frame hives.

The Beehive 8 Frame Inner Cover also doubles as a cover. It is not easy for bees to rob this hive top feeder compared to an entrance feeder because they have to go all the way to the top of the beehive.

Allied Precision Beehive Inner Cover

Next on this list of best hive covers is Allied Precision Beehive Inner Cover. The Little Giant inner cover provides extra ventilation as well as fresh air to your beehive. Also, it comes with an added layer of protection and insulation when it is placed underneath the outer cover.

This inner cover is constructed from 3/8 inch plywood which comes with tongue-and-groove framing. Allied Precision Beehive Inner Cover measures 20 x 16.4 x 0.9 inches and weighs 3 pounds.

8 Frame Bee Hive Telescoping Frame

If you are using an 8 frame bee hive then look no further than this hive cover. The 8 frames beehive telescoping frame offers the perfect hive cover which protects your bees from external elements. This is one of the best hive covers which are designed to fit 8 frame beehives.

It covers the top super as well as the inner cover so that it does not blow off during high winds. The 8 Frame Bee Hive Telescoping Frame is easy to install this hive cover because it is fully assembled.

This Telescoping Frame features a rigid all-wood construction that comes with interlocking side rims which are glued using a premium waterproof glue and screwed together to last.

Bee Hive Flat Top Hive Covers

Another Toughtimbers to feature on this list of best hive covers is the Bee Hive Flat Top Langstroth Hive Covers. A Langstroth hive refers to a vertical beehive that comes with the bottom board with an entrance for bees, vertically hung frames, as well as boxes that contain frames for brood and honey. This beehive flat top hive cover fits 10 frames Langstroth hive.

The Bee Hive Flat Top Hive Cover by Toughtimbers weighs 10 pounds and measures 16 x 1 x 20 inches. It is very sturdy and can last a long time. In case you are looking for a good hive cover then you should consider getting this one.

How to make a Beehive Telescoping Top Cover


The above is a list of best hive covers available on the market today. These hive covers are not only efficient but also affordable. Choosing these hive covers will ensure your colony and bees are protected from external elements and weather. (pdf)

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