Top 10 Best Augers and Posthole Diggers for Rocky Soil in 2021

Choosing the best augers or posthole diggers can be a hard tackle. In a market that has dozens of product brands, you should expect prolonged decision-making. But did you know one can still cut through the marketing speak and pick the best augers and post hole diggers for rocky soil?

Well, for those reading about augers for the first time, let’s make it simple for you. An auger is a tool for drilling holes in wood and soil. You can use it with a carpenter’s brace but the most notable feature on this tool is its corkscrew-like drill bit.

An auger constitutes six parts namely shank, cutting edges, tang, twist and spurs. While they are generally small, big augers are ideal for drilling holes in the soil. Coal miners use augers too. A posthole digger, on the contrary, is a tool for digging narrow holes in the soil.

Whether you want to fence your backyard flower garden or mend broken fences in your homestead, a posthole digger is a handy tool. We will do a comparison table to make it easy for you.

Where Can You Find The Best Augers And Post Hole Diggers?

The next question is where can you find the best auger and posthole digger? Well, in this age and time, most homesteaders get their tools from e-commerce stores. It saves money and time. You can also check a farm store nearby for the best posthole digger and auger. Sometimes, borrowing tools from a neighbor helps save situations.

However, we suggest that you buy a good auger or posthole digger to avoid inconveniences. You may have been asking lots of questions lately. For example, how much will you spend on a good auger and a posthole digger? Which are the best brands? Or, which features should I look for in the best tools? We did some homework on these questions to help you make the right choice so read on to find out.

Best Augers And Posthole Diggers For Rocky Soil: listens before making amends. A posthole digger and an auger are two tools to tango, which is why; we present our top picks as follows:

ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger

Our first tool selection is an auger from ION. Tested and proven to work; ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger is a very reliable and mess-free tool. You will realize a smooth cut with this tool because blade centring and position make it possible.

Depending on the size you need, you can choose between 6-inch or 8-inch auger from ION yet still realize efficiency. Our pick weighs 26 pounds-40 per cent less than gas-powered augers, it is a handy tool for the money.

When you put money on this tool, reverse drilling means you will not need an ice skimmer. It is easy to use, thanks to the ergonomic handle and trigger position.

The fact that it is affordable and highly rated is why we chose it for this review. Buy ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger and drilling holes becomes a breeze.

XtremepowerUS-1Person Post Hole Digger V-Type 55cc, Gas One Man Auger EPA, 2 Stroke with 4 Bit set

Our second tool for this review is a 4-inch bit set posthole digger from XtremepowerUS. Being as highly rated as it is, we can attest to the efficiency of this 2-stroke, V-type, 55cc posthole digger from XtremepowerUS. The digger comes with a drill bit.

However, if the 4-inch bit does not fit the bill, you can choose 6 –inches bit or higher before placing an order.

It is powerful hence digs holes for fence posts, decks and planting with great ease. It features a handy throttle and control switch. It runs on gasoline (air-cooled and single-cylinder tank, volume 55cc, 2.3 horsepower, and 2 engine cycles).

You can keep track of fuel level because the tank is translucent, not to mention that a manual recoil start makes it easy to deliver fuel and start the engine.

XtremepowerUS-1Person Post Hole Digger V-Type 55cc is relatively affordable. The drill bit rotates at a speed of 170rpm and has a centrifugal clutch. It is one-person operated, weighs 33 pounds and is CARB/EPA-certified tool.

Landworks Heavy-Duty Eco-friendly Electric Cordless Auger Power Head, with Lithium-Ion Battery Charger, and Steel 6×30 inches

Another tool that caught our attention is an eco-friendly cordless electric auger from Landworks. It has an overload protector that guards against overheating and well-spaced handles for easy use.

With this tool, you realize high transmission efficiency, thanks to a planetary gear system and a brushless motor. Those who use this auger say it is lightweight (22 pounds), runs on 2Ah battery and has a drill bit head measuring 6×30 inches.

While Landworks’ heavy-duty eco-friendly auger costs a little more than our first picks, the technology behind its construction is top-notch. A 320rpm is not something to wish away when in need of an auger as highly rated as this one from Landworks.

Seymour AUA2 Adjustable Auger with Wood Handle

Seymour posthole diggers are some of the best in the market. It is why; the company’s model AUA2 made it to this list. You can use this tool on different types of soil. It has a strong steel blade riveted on an iron yoke. A steel tee handle makes it handy.

A unique reason why we chose Seymour AUA2 auger for this review is that you can use it to bore holes measuring different sizes. It is very affordable and only weighs 0.16 ounces.

XtremepowerUS, 2-Man 63CC 2-Stroke Planting Gas Post Hole Digger, 3HP EPA Motor Fence Digging

Our search for a good auger and posthole digger also led us to a second tool from XtremepowerUS. We noted that the company invests heavily in these tools. Posthole digger with a 4-inch drill bit has wide-ranging applications and very efficient.  It has a recoil start and is very ideal for use in fencing, tree planting, and decks.  A recoil start ensures easy delivery of fuel and quick start with pull-action.

Unlike our first pick from XtremepowerUS, this auger is a two-man operated tool. It is handy, thanks to easily accessed throttle and switches control for convenient operation. The tool runs on a 63cc gasoline fuel tank, rotates at a speed of 183rpm, relatively affordable and is CARB/EPA certified.

The bit length measures 28 inches and the clutch is centrifugal. Enjoy easy and quick hole drilling by putting money on this 2-cycle engine auger from XtremepowerUS today.

Dirty Hands Tools 104306 Post Hole Digger

We always want to find out what’s going at Dirty Hands Tools because they are a force to reckon with in tool manufacturing. And that’s how we ended up picking the company’s posthole digger model 104306. It enjoys impressive ratings on leading e-commerce stores. Its eight-bit is a prominent feature and is very handy.

Its bit rotates at a speed of up to 280rpm which is impressive, not to mention easily accessible on/off thumb trigger. The engine for this posthole digger is rated 52cc, 2-cycle, and EPA-approved. Dirty Hands Tools 104306 posthole digger is affordable and weighs 28 pounds.

XtremepowerUS 63CC V-Type 2 Stroke Gasoline Post Hole Digger 1-Person Dig Auger

Take it or leave it, posthole diggers from XtremepowerUS win it all the time. No doubt they dominate our review of the best augers and diggers. So, what does the company’s 63cc v-type, 2-stroke gasoline digger has to offer? First off, it is a 1-man operated tool, but that depends on what you want.

You can choose from 6 –inch to a 12-inch drill bit. It has a convenient throttle, ergonomic handle, and switch control. Thus, everything you want to do is at your fingertips.  It is a tool that adapts to different auger bits.

For the XtremepowerUS 63CC V-Type 2 Stroke Gasoline Post Hole Digger, shaft size of 0.75 –inches is what you get, not to mention its 7500 rpm, which is higher than most tools in this review. It has a recoil start rated, 2.5 horsepower and runs on 2200KW.

The clutch-type for this digger is centrifugal with a speed of 4000r/min when in use and idle speed of 2800r/minute. The auger bit measures 28 inches in length with a diameter of 6 inches.

Tool Tuff Hand-Held Gas Powered Posthole Digger, 63CC, 3HP with Auger Combo

It doesn’t hurt to deviate from popular tool brands. Our eighth posthole digger features one from Tool Tuff, a company that continues to gain a foothold in the industry. The big question is what does its posthole digger has to offer apart from 3.0 horsepower?

First off, let’s mention that it comes with auger drill bit combo. For this selection, you get a combination of 4, 6 and 8 inches earth augers.

The fact that buyers who settle for Tool Tuff’s gas-powered posthole digger can choose a desired auger earth combo makes it popular among competitors. It has a ¾ inch attachment shaft and is a 1-person operated tool. Buyers also get to enjoy a product warranty of 6 months, alongside professional customer service any time and day.

It is relatively affordable, EPA-approved runs on 63cc 2-stroke engine and has a fuel tank capacity of 1.45 liters.

Earthquake 9800H, 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead with 160cc, 4-Cycle Honda Engine

We also checked Earthquake tool brands to see if the company has the best auger in its assortment. Well, that’s how model 9800H with Honda engine capacity of 160cc caught our attention. Honda manufactures some of the most powerful engines, and so for an auger to have one, that’s worth a bargain. It is strong, thanks to steel construction.

That is not to mention that its wide handle makes it easy to operate. It features an easy-grip throttle. Compared to the above posthole diggers and augers, Earthquake 9800H is relatively heavy, weighing 56 pounds.

ECO LLC 52CC, 2.4HP Gas Powered with Two Earth Auger Drill Bit 6 and 10 Inches

The last tool in our review is a two-earth auger drill bit from ECO LLC. It enjoys good ratings on leading e-commerce stores, something we equate to its amazing features. The tool has an engine capacity of 52cc and runs on gasoline.

Fuel tank capacity is 2.1 liters and takes in a mixture of gasoline and oil in the ratio of 25:1. ECO LLC gas-powered auger has a 2-stroke engine, air-cooled and recoil start system. You can use this machine to dig holes in rocky soil, albeit, relatively slow. It weighs 48 pounds and relatively affordable.

Hand Auger vs. Post Hole Digger:

Now, as you make your choice of the best posthole digger or auger, the next question we wanted to help you answer is a look at differences between the two. The following table, should, therefore, make it easy for you:

AugerPosthole digger
Has a drill bitIt does not have a drill bit, rather, it looks like jointed shovels.
Ideal for drilling holes in wood and soil depending on the sizeIdeal for digging holes in the soil for fence posts
Are relatively costly compared to posthole diggersAre cheaper than augers
Augers are difficult to control and not effective on compact clay soil. You may need extra hands to help you drill holes.Posthole diggers are easy to control.


Q: Which Are The Best Brands Of Posthole Diggers?

A: Well, from our interaction with different brands before putting together this review. Seymour and XtremepowerUS make for the best choice any day.

Q: Can Posthole Diggers Go Past Roots?

A: No, they cannot dig past roots in the soil. You should use tomahawk or machete to chop off the roots to avoid wasting time. Or, use an auger instead, which is powerful and drills through roots.

Q: How Deep Do Augers Drill?

A: Augers can drill up to 96 feet deep with a max diameter of 6 inches.

Final Thoughts

In the end, always wants to hear from you regarding the tool choices you make from our reviews. So, feel free to share your suggestions, questions, views, and opinions. Did you find the best auger or posthole digger for the money in this review? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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