Why Every Beekeeper Needs Tekcoplus Optics Honey Refractometer?

Beekeeper requires being patient, persistence and the right amount of knowledge. As a beekeeper, you should know the right stage of producing and harvesting Honey. You should also know the right amount of water content which is the most crucial stage before extracting. As the water content in Honey determines how fresh your Honey is going to stay. The lower the water content, the better the Honey. It is often advised to keep the water content below 20% but not completely zero as it might crystallise your Honey.

How to measure the right water content in Honey? We are fortunate enough that we have the best technology. Because of technology, the job of beekeeping has completely evolved within the past few years. We have honey refractometer to keep a check on the water content. It is one of the great tools that has completely changed the world of beekeeping.

So, here today we are going to talk about Tekcoplus optics Honey refractometer, which is one of the best products. After going through a different range of products, we have come up with this most affordable, easy to use and convenient Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer.

What is Tekcoplus optics Honey refractometer?


Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer is one of the most useful devices for any beekeeper. It is a device that measures the right amount of water content and nutrient levels in the Honey. It is also used to measure the sugar and moisture content of any liquid. The nutrient value is measured using Brix, the higher the Brix, the better the nutrient content. It is easy to use and shows result within seconds.

Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer has a soft non-slipped rubberised grip to protect the test solution from body heat. So that more accurate results can be achieved. The calibration process is quite easy, and the readings are simple to understand.

Why choose Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer?


There are a lot of options available in the market, and each model has its pros and cons. So, here we have listed the following reasons that make Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer a must-buy product:

  • Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer measures sugar, moisture, Brix and Baume to give you a clear idea.
  • This refractometer is quite portable, easy to use and calibrate.
  • This device was initially built for Honey and can measure sugar content up to 90% Brix, Baume, water or moisture content.
  • The best part about this refractometer is that it helps to keep a control on the concentration of sugar in food and any beverage. It is used to measure liquids like jelly, jam and syrup as well.
  • Besides, it also guides you about the right time for maple syrup production.
  •  This product suits your pocket well.
  • The package box contains a user manual, refractometer, screwdriver, two pipettes, reference block, cleaning cloth,2 mm Dioptric Oil for calibration; USB LED light and a protective case.
  • It has the best quality and has qualified all the safety standards.
  • It is quite comfortable to use, is durable, and carries a warranty.
  • You don’t need any battery.

How to use Tekcoplus Optics honey refractometer?


Before getting into how to use it, let’s talk about its measuring features in detail.

  • Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer is quite convenient to use, and you don’t have to worry much. It has the measuring range from 58 to 90% Brix and 12% to 27% water content. It has a separate range set of Brix, Baume and water content.
  • There is an ATC that is Automatic Temperature Compensation that ranges from 10 to 30 degree Celsius, and the reference temperature is 20 degrees.
  • It can measure a length of 15.2 cm and can weigh 98 grams.
  • The first step you need to do is take a few drops of your liquid product.
  • Please put it on the prism and now, cover the prism.
  • Look through the eyepiece to know the results.

What features to see before buying a Honey Refractometer?

Don’t be in a hush to buy a refractometer. Firstly, you need to look at the features that the honey refractometer offers. Secondly, you need to compare it with your requirements.

So, some of the common features to look at before buying a refractometer are:

  • Always look for a model which is convenient to use and is durable.
  • It should be able to compensate for temperature and humidity.
  • It should be easy to calibrate and provide results within a few seconds.
  • Don’t go for a too expensive product. Instead, look for a product that best suits your pocket and requirement. At the same time, please don’t go for too inexpensive refractometers, as they offer low-quality lens and are difficult to calibrate.

With the invention of the refractometer, the work of a beekeeper has reduced. This device is not only helpful in measuring the water content but; it also keeps a check on the nutrient value of the Honey.

It is one of the essential tools for any beekeeper or food and beverages industry. The device has helped a million of beekeepers in producing high-quality Honey. Look for a refractometer which shows accurate results and is convenient to use. Tekcoplus optics honey refractometer has passed all the tests and is proven to give excellent and accurate results. Don’t waste much time and buy one today itself.

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