About Us

Steven Jones  •  Editor-in-Chief

Spending the majority of his career as a journalist, Steven found his true calling when he started farming. Living a life he never dreamed he would lead – he manages every aspect of From Scratch Magazine and runs a small produce farm. His business card says – Writer • Farmer • Editor but he is truly a jack of all trades, resident genius, serves as comic relief and is the go to person when you need something done on the homestead or off. He is also an amazing husband and father. He lives in North Carolina with his family who dote on him regularly.

Melissa Jones  •  Publisher • Art Director

Melissa has a background in marketing, brand management, graphic design and photography. She left corporate America to pursue her dream of living a simpler life. Simpler doesn’t always mean easier but she enjoys every minute on her small homestead.

She loves to cook, practice herbalism and gardening. Her passion is spreading the word about sustainable living and sharing her love of herbalism and living from scratch.

Chris McLaughlin  •  Associate Editor

A gardening genius, Chris McLaughlin has written many books and is a real dirt maven. She lives in California on a beautiful homestead with her horses, chickens and rabbits. When she isn’t playing in the dirt or sewing amazing creations she enjoys her sugarbabies (grandkids) and drinking coffee.

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