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Saturday, March 21 was National Quilting Day.

While we’ve never made a quilt at the From Scratch homestead, we love the fiber arts and think we might want to try putting together a quilt.

So we poked around the tubes that make up the internet and found these sites offering how to’s and more on quilting.

Here’s our top five quilting how-to articles on the internet. If you know of a better one, let us know in the comments. And don’t be afraid to try making your own quilt, too.

Craftsy: Five Fast Quilts To Make in a Weekend

This is a great article as it includes five free patterns, all picked because they can be done in a matter of days. It also includes links to also of quilting techniques, like the “stack and whack,” which sounds like a lot of fun.

Fiskars: How to Quilt

This article’s great! It’s got a breakdown of all the basics of quilting (at least as far as I can tell with my ignorant beginner eyes) and outlines several techniques using Fiskars well known line of cutting tools. It’s very well illustrated, showing a step-by-step breakdown of the methods, with lots of close ups so you can understand everything that’s going on with ease.

Diary of a Quilter: Beginning Quilting Series

This is a compendium of articles starting from the actual beginning of a craft. This site, by Amy Smart, is a great little glimpse into the quilting life and this series is really starting from scratch in the art of quilting. The article covers quilting supplies, fabric choice, rotary cutting, etc., etc., etc. If you don’t know anything about quilting — or even sewing — for that matter, this is definitely the place to start.

National Museum of American History: National Quilt Collection

Not even remotely a how-to site, this page celebrates the history of quilting in America. Part of the Smithsonian, it’s just super fun! You can see high resolution photos of quilts in the National Quilt Collection dating back hundreds of years, including descriptions of the quilts and how they came to be part of the collection. While you won’t learn about the how-to’s of quilting, you will learn about this art form, it’s importance in American history and maybe draw inspiration from the quilters of yesteryear. The site also includes a video tour of the collection. Be careful, however, you will spend a lot of time pouring through this collection.

Fleece Fun: How to Make a Rag Quilt, beginners guide

I love this quilt pattern. The texture of it is just beautiful and based on the pictures I just want to touch it. The step by step process is illustrated with videos and includes methods that can be used for all sorts of projects in the future. And I’m betting it’s super cozy, as it involves flannel and fleece fabrics.


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