From Scratch Magazine Holiday Gift Guide



The essence of homesteading is in the doing. Making things, fixing things, creating things. So, when it is gift getting time – it can be a little challenging to think of things we want to treat OURselves with.

So, the editors at From Scratch Magazine whipped up some of their favorite homesteading gifts.

Enjoy, this stroll down our wish list.


The Single Wheel Hoe from Hoss Tools is a pretty awesome gift for any homesteader. Based on a centuries old design – it’s this amazing tool that cultivates, plows and weeds your garden.


This was the lantern from W.T. Kirkman Lanterns that our ancestors used as their primary source of light. In fact, many people in the world STILL use this lantern as their primary source of light!


Our chickens deserve the very best! That is why we love this mobile coop from Urban Coop Company. This is a perfect, low-cost option to house your chickens!


Have you made your own cheese?!? If not, then you SHOULD. If you have then you know you need this amazing cheese press from Homesteader’s Supply.


Every homesteader ferments. And every fermenter needs a crock! Check out this fermenting crock that will last generations.




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