Homesteading From Scratch

For anyone who ever wanted to explore homesteading but didn’t know where to start, Homesteading From Scratch will walk you through it all!

“From exploring individual homesteading goals to farming land, animal husbandry, bread baking, food preservation, homeschooling, community building, and even macrame’ (yes, macrame’), Jones marries the homesteading dream to sound practicality. For those that feel the call of self-sufficiency in this modern day, it’s simply the right book at the right time.”

– Chris McLaughlin, modern homesteader and author of a Garden to Dye For and Vertical Vegetable Gardening

“A practical and inspiring guide for anyone striving for a more self-sufficient lifestyle.”¬†

-Abigail Gehring, editor of Back to Basics, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living, and Good Living Guide to Country Skills

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The From Scratch Magazine Gift Guide

  The essence of homesteading is in the doing. Making things, fixing things, creating things. So, when it is gift getting time - it can be a little challenging to think of things we want to treat OURselves with. So, the editors at From Scratch Magazine¬†whipped up...

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Black Friday Book Giveaway!!

Find out how you can win one of the books we review for our Black Friday Book Giveaway! We’ll give away 8 books on Black Friday, from 7 different authors.

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Family Essential Oil Kit

The Herbal Homestead has the amazing offer for all From Scratch Magazine Readers! Essentials Oils are a great way to get started with natural remedies that you can use at home! Just click here to place your order online or email Melissa at The Herbal Homestead. 150...

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