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Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath craft


Melissa from Tilly’s Nest – the first homestead blogger of the 12 Homestead Bloggers of Christmas, shows us how to make this fabulous Chicken Wreath. You can also adapt this tutorial to make any animal on your homestead.


Tilly's Nest - chicken wreath step 11

These are the supplies you will need:

Assorted greenery

Garden clippers

Green Floral wire

1 yard of wired ribbon

Chicken wire

Stem of berries

1 Pinecone

Wire clippers


 2 Branches

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath instructions

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath step 2

With wire clippers, cut the shape of your desired animal into the chicken wire. This is Melissa’s hen.

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath step 4

Cut a six inch length of floral wire and wrap it around your greenery stem.

Tilly's Nest -chicken wreath step4

Start at the tail. Arrange and wire your stems to the chicken wire template. Once you’ve added about half of the stems, it’s time to add the legs.

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath step 5

Find a branch that has a three branches that look like feet.

Trim the excess branches off until you are left with a chicken foot and leg.

Repeat this process on the other branch.

Tillys Nest- chicken wreath step6

Wire the legs on to the template.

Continue adding and layering more greenery on your chicken until you

reach the top of the neck.

Next it’s time to add the beak and comb.

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath step7

Wire your pinecone and wire four stems of berries.

Apply the beak to the chicken. Apply three berry stems to form the comb.

Then add one stem of berries to create the wattle.

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath step 8

Next, wire together some shorter greenery to make the head.

Tilly's Nest-chicken wreath step 9

Wire the head greenery onto the chicken wire head.

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath step 10

Lastly, tie the ribbon loosely around the neck to make a scarf.

Add a loop of wire to the back of the chicken wire for hanging.

Tilly's Nest - chicken wreath step 11

You can use scissors to trim any out of place greenery into shape.

The rustic head is delightful. It looks like one of Melissa’s Silkies! Visit

Tilly’s Nest where Melissa shares all about backyard chickens, beekeeping,

gardening, cooking & crafting from a quaint New England village by the sea.

Tilly's Nest- chicken wreath craft

Photo and Project Credits: Tilly’s Nest




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