The Summer Issue of From Scratch Magazine

These are the times that try men’s souls.

If you decide to try and live your life with some sort of awareness of the rhythms of nature, you’re in the same boat. This is the time of year when the flowers start blooming, the bees start buzzing and the harvests start coming in.

That means there’s canning and freezing coming down the tracks like a freight train of work, it’s time to start fighting the insects and diseases that hit your garden and you’ve probably got a ton of work in the household that languishes because of all that other stuff you’re dealing with.

On top of all this, Summer is the time when things just HAPPEN: Babies get born, festivals are underway, Farmer’s Markets are hopping, pastures are being expanded, life is just going nuts!

Summer it is a coming and that means hotter weather and the latest issue of From Scratch Magazine. This is the special beekeeping issue. Everything from how to start beekeeping to saving the bees. We also included a beautiful Kitchen Renovation from Farmhouse38, the healing qualities of rose and help for those thinking about homeschooling.

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The Latest Issue

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December 2014 - January 2015 Issue

This issue features Holiday on the Homestead, raising quail and how to grow mushrooms in 30 days.

From Scratch Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue

Holiday Gift Guide - 2014

Find the perfect gift for your farmer, gardener, or homesteader in the annual From Scratch Magazine gift guide.

October - November 2014 Issue

Check out coverage from Farm Aid 2014, a great meal planning strategy for busy families looking for home cooked meals and herbal teas to improve your health.

August - September 2014 Issue

A Homeschool Primer, Apartment Homesteading, Why Goats are the hidden gem of the homestead Soapmaking and Fall Gardening.

June - July Issue 2014

The summer issue celebrates veterans, independence and strawberries!

April - May Issue 2014

Learn how to build the Tiny House of Your Dreams in the latest issue. Find out how to choose the right chicken breed and learn how to Grow a Garden to Dye For!

February - March 2014 Issue

Spring Fever, a Sawmill on the Homestead, the Homestead Orchard and 6 Steps to a Bountiful Garden

From Scratch Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue

December - January 2013 Issue

This issue features information on making holiday decorations, holiday cookies, a how-to guide on creating an herbal first aid kit and more.

October - November 2013 Issue

This issue features information on fermenting foods, cheesemaking and an interview with survivalist Cody Lundin on his Off-the-Grid home.

August September 2013 Issue

August - September 2013 Issue

This issue features an interview with Dr. Pol, an interview with a North Carolina State University Permaculture designer and gardening tips to make your fall garden blossom.

June - July 2013 Issue

Homesteading Advice from the Master and Raising Cattle on Small Acreage. A perfect Summertime read on the homestead!

April - May 2013 Issue

Find out why CSA’s are instrumental in the success of small farming operations. What is the buzz on Beekeeping and what is the history of Homesteading?

February - March 2013 Issue

The first ever issue of From Scratch Magazine! Check out the issue that started it all!

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