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Friends, Farmers, Homesteaders – Fall is on the way and the latest issue of From Scratch Magazine is here!
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Previous Issues

April - May Issue 2014

Learn how to build the Tiny House of Your Dreams in the latest issue. Find out how to choose the right chicken breed and learn how to Grow a Garden to Dye For!

February - March 2014 Issue

Spring Fever, a Sawmill on the Homestead, the Homestead Orchard and 6 Steps to a Bountiful Garden

From Scratch Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue

December - January 2013 Issue

This issue features information on making holiday decorations, holiday cookies, a how-to guide on creating an herbal first aid kit and more.

October - November 2013 Issue

This issue features information on fermenting foods, cheesemaking and an interview with survivalist Cody Lundin on his Off-the-Grid home.

August September 2013 Issue

August - September 2013 Issue

This issue features an interview with Dr. Pol, an interview with a North Carolina State University Permaculture designer and gardening tips to make your fall garden blossom.

June - July 2013 Issue

Homesteading Advice from the Master and Raising Cattle on Small Acreage. A perfect Summertime read on the homestead!

April - May 2013 Issue

Find out why CSA’s are instrumental in the success of small farming operations. What is the buzz on Beekeeping and what is the history of Homesteading?

February - March 2013 Issue

The first ever issue of From Scratch Magazine! Check out the issue that started it all!

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Easy Homemade Granola Recipe

Homemade granola is such an easy and satisfying thing to add to your kitchen arsenal. It only take a few minutes to whip up a batch and then you have wonderful tasting granola to eat every morning for breakfast for weeks! In fact, one of our breakfast staples is...

Find out how to brew your own beer

Brew your own beer and get in touch with homesteading pioneers like George Washington and Ben Franklin.

Homestead Roundup

Every week we scour the internet and find things that our homesteading brethren might find interesting. - We spotted this cute shirt. Anyone else canning anything and everything? If so, you need to check out the article: Top 5 Canning Mistakes. - Right to farm...

Top Five Canning Mistakes (and solutions)

Have you ever gotten your hand on a perfect batch of green beans, decided to can them and spend hours of work dealing with jars and lids, only to have it turn into a big, soggy, cloudy mess?

Homestead Roundup

Every week we scour the internet and find things that our homesteading brethren might find interesting. - Why Vegetables get Freakish in the land of the Midnight Sun It’s Alaska’s summer sun that gives growers an edge, says Steve Brown, an agricultural...

Pass the Peas, Please

Peas are the ladies of the spring and fall garden. They’re perfect for Fall gardens and vertical gardens.

Yes, you can: 6 Reasons to Homeschool

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started with homeschooling is believing that you can do it. I’m here to tell you that yes, you can homeschool!

Make a Mini Compost Bin

The first thing any homesteader needs to get closer to self sufficiency is a compost bin. Here’s a way to build one even with limited space.

Poison Free Flea Control

Why do fleas have such a scary reputation? They are half the size of regular flies, and they can’t even fly. Yet they cause twice the fear. I’d say most of it has to do with that good ol’ thing we call history. You know, that thing that happened a long...

Homestead Roundup

Every week we scour the internet and find things our homesteading brethren might find interesting. - One of my dearest friends toured the Lodge manufacturing facility (you know, Lodge – the company that makes cast iron pans). Follow her journey as she shows you...

From Scratch Finds – Homestead Kitchen

Do you have favorite tools in your kitchen that get used again and again? This is a list of some of the most used items in my kitchen that make me actually think “How did I live before I found you!” KitchenAid Mixer : Having a KitchenAid Mixer is like...

National Zucchini Day – August 9

For those of us who planted zucchini and find ourselves with more squash then we know what to do with have a good reason to celebrate National Zucchini Day or as Tom Roy coined it  “Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night.” We may treat...

10th Annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference

A Celebration of Earth-Based Healing and Women’s Wisdom On the weekend of October 10-12, the shores of Lake Eden in Black Mountain will once again echo with the voices of women—over 1000 strong—at the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. For ten years, they have...
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