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April - May Issue 2014

Learn how to build the Tiny House of Your Dreams in the latest issue. Find out how to choose the right chicken breed and learn how to Grow a Garden to Dye For!

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Spring Fever, a Sawmill on the Homestead, the Homestead Orchard and 6 Steps to a Bountiful Garden

From Scratch Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue

December - January 2013 Issue

This issue features information on making holiday decorations, holiday cookies, a how-to guide on creating an herbal first aid kit and more.

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This issue features information on fermenting foods, cheesemaking and an interview with survivalist Cody Lundin on his Off-the-Grid home.

August September 2013 Issue

August - September 2013 Issue

This issue features an interview with Dr. Pol, an interview with a North Carolina State University Permaculture designer and gardening tips to make your fall garden blossom.

June - July 2013 Issue

Homesteading Advice from the Master and Raising Cattle on Small Acreage. A perfect Summertime read on the homestead!

April - May 2013 Issue

Find out why CSA’s are instrumental in the success of small farming operations. What is the buzz on Beekeeping and what is the history of Homesteading?

February - March 2013 Issue

The first ever issue of From Scratch Magazine! Check out the issue that started it all!


4 Items NOT to Refrigerate

It is so tempting to put all of our produce in the refrigerator. Isn’t the whole purpose of a refrigerator to preserve things and increase the shelf life of food? This is the case for many things but the four items listed below shouldn’t be stored in the...

Freezing Corn

Anyone else feel like being a homesteader during the summer is a race against the clock? Every day it seems we are trying to preserve each and every thing we can to last the rest of the year. This is on top of our already busy daily schedules. That is why I LOVE...

Green Bean Bumper Crop

Every single day when I head out to my little garden, I can’t help but feel like the old farmer settled on hundreds of acres in the middle of nowhere that would brag to his fellow farmers about his “bumper crop” of corn or squash or whatever it was he had growing that...

Buckeye Chickens – Heritage Jewels

The Buckeye is the only American chicken breed developed solely by a woman, Mrs. Nettie Metcalf of Warren, Ohio.  In 1896, Mrs. Metcalf set out to produce a dual purpose breed that would thrive in Ohio’s bitterly cold winters, and she was very successful.   She bred...

Making Pie From Scratch

Baking a pie is a dying skill; one that our grandmother’s might have been proficient at but our mother’s probably didn’t bother with.

Beneficial Predatory Insects

As far as we gardeners are concerned, with insects there are the good guys and the bad guys. It might not be very politically correct of us, but there it is. Like knights to the queen, some insects are born plant protectors and some see our gardens as a veritable...

10 Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden

Are you planted, planting or planning your planting for this year’s garden? We are up to our eyeballs in seeds, transplants and soil! Now is the time to take a step back and make sure you are doing everything you can to have a successful garden this year. 1....

Make Lavender Wands

Years ago, lavender wands were used to freshen up fabric. They were tucked inside stored linen to keep it smelling fresh and may have even helped repel bugs. Today, lavender wands are just as fragrant and useful—and they might even double as a fairy wand for a little...

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Being a homesteading mama means you value different things. Instead of diamonds and pearls you would much rather have livestock and boots. Here are a couple of things on our wish list… Swiss style brass bell This bell is the cutest thing ever. Any homesteading...

How Much Do I Need to Plant to Feed My Family?

I was at a class at my Local Cooperative Extension Agency (if you don’t utilize your local cooperative extension agency you are missing out) and the agent started talking about estimated yields for vegetable plantings. My ears perked up because I always grapple...

GMO,Organic,Sustainable…What Does it All Mean?

We all know that we should seek sustainable foods. They have better flavor, they are better for the environment, support local growers and they provide better nutrition for our families. But with all of the food labels, how do we even know what we are getting? Why is...

Easy Peel Hard-Boiled Fresh Eggs

I love hard-boiled eggs (and egg salad and deviled eggs), but very fresh eggs are nearly impossible to peel after hard-boiling using the traditional water method. It has taken several years, and many failed experiments – but I’ve finally found a way to make...

Preventing Anxiety and Burnout

One thing I think all Homesteaders have in common is ambition. We have big dreams – we want to live off the grid, grow all of our own food, raise our own livestock, homeschool our children and make everything we own from scratch. These things are important to us...

Win a scholarship to a chicken class

Maybe you want to have chickens in your backyard but don’t even know where to start… Maybe you have chickens in your backyard but you learned everything on the fly and feel like you need a more extensive education on raising chickens. Local Roots is...

Righteous Bacon

A self-proclaimed guacamole addict, Diana Prichard spends her days deep in the heart of Michigan on a hog farm. We had a chance to talk to her recently.

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