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Friends, Farmers, Homesteaders – Fall is on the way and the latest issue of From Scratch Magazine is here!
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Previous Issues

April - May Issue 2014

Learn how to build the Tiny House of Your Dreams in the latest issue. Find out how to choose the right chicken breed and learn how to Grow a Garden to Dye For!

February - March 2014 Issue

Spring Fever, a Sawmill on the Homestead, the Homestead Orchard and 6 Steps to a Bountiful Garden

From Scratch Magazine 2013 Holiday Issue

December - January 2013 Issue

This issue features information on making holiday decorations, holiday cookies, a how-to guide on creating an herbal first aid kit and more.

October - November 2013 Issue

This issue features information on fermenting foods, cheesemaking and an interview with survivalist Cody Lundin on his Off-the-Grid home.

August September 2013 Issue

August - September 2013 Issue

This issue features an interview with Dr. Pol, an interview with a North Carolina State University Permaculture designer and gardening tips to make your fall garden blossom.

June - July 2013 Issue

Homesteading Advice from the Master and Raising Cattle on Small Acreage. A perfect Summertime read on the homestead!

April - May 2013 Issue

Find out why CSA’s are instrumental in the success of small farming operations. What is the buzz on Beekeeping and what is the history of Homesteading?

February - March 2013 Issue

The first ever issue of From Scratch Magazine! Check out the issue that started it all!

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Preparing Food for Storage

For a gardener, nothing stings more than spending all season growing your own food only to have it rot in the refrigerator. It happens all the time. That’s why it’s best to clean or prep veggies right when you bring them in from the garden. Some of these preparations...

Homestead Roundup

Every week we scour the internet and find things that our homesteading brethren might find interesting. – McDonalds is going sustainable. “To restore the shine to those arches, it’s time for the fast-food behemoth to chart a new course: one that...

5 Ways Essential Oils Can Improve Your Life

What Are Essential Oils? Join the Oily Homestead Facebook Group to learn more about Essential Oils. The world of essential oils is huge. There are SO many uses for essential oils, learning about them can be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t need to know...

How to: Fermenting Foods – The Joy of Fermentation

For a few thousand years now, people have been fermenting foods. Many of the foods — even the highly processed ones — we all (guiltily) enjoy are fermented: Chocolate, soy sauce, coffee, olives and many, many more. And while the process may seem mysterious, it is...

How to: Freezing tomatoes in 3 easy steps!

Find out how to freeze all types of tomatoes in three easy steps! You’ll have all the tomatoes you need for the rest of the year for stews, soups and more.

Win a Fermentools 12-pack!

Want to try fermenting? Now’s your chance. Enter to win a Fermentools 12 pack designed to make fermenting food easy. Enter now!

67 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is the most versatile of all essential oils. Most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body, lavender is highly regarded for the skin.

Homestead Roundup

Every week we scour the internet and find things that our homesteading brethren might find interesting. – Mad Honey from Turkey. “The dark, reddish, “mad honey,” known as deli bal in Turkey, contains an ingredient from rhododendron nectar called...

From Scratch magazine covering Farm Aid 2014

From Scratch magazine is excited to announce that we’ll be covering Farm Aid 2014 in Raleigh on Sept. 13, Saturday. Find out this year’s lineup.

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